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YAY! Professional Women Emojis Are About To Become A Reality!


The Unicode Consortium today announced that they will include 11 new emojis of Women working professional, (sometimes wrongly considered as ‘manly’) jobs. These will include a coder, farmer, mechanic, researcher, instructor and rockstar.

The emojis will also will be available in male variations too. The statement comes right before World Emoji Day on July 17 (yeah , that’s an actual real day)

Image via Unicode Consortium


Google designers Rachel Been, Nicole Bleuel, Agustin Fonts and Mark Davis first proposed the emojis to Unicode back in May when highlighting the lack of variety of ladies’ professions to empower girls.

The designers stated that they wanted equal representation of job roles for Women:

“Isn’ t it time that emoji likewise show the truth that females play a vital function in every walk of life and in every occupation?Given that females are the most regular emoji users, which they cover a large expert spectrum not yet shown in present emoji, we wish to assist resolve this pushing matter of equality.”

Unicode Consortium

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