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What Women Really Think Of Mens Bodies

Women have opened up about their ideal male body type, as well as what parts of the male body they’re most attracted to. And we think we’ve found a clear winner.

GQ magazine surveyed women to get to the bottom of whether height, body-type and booty actually matter to them when they’re looking for a guy to date.

It showed that a lot of women love Dadbods and tall guys, but above all they adoresquishy bums….


According to another study on…

89.2% of women say that a man taking care of his health is important to them
74.5% of women want a man that’s stronger than they are
61.8% of women want a man that can protect them
60.8% want their man to look his best
58.8% think it’s important for their man to have bigger arms than them
38% want him to be strong and muscular.
38% are cool with average
2.9% want him ripped ‘n muscular like 50 cent

When it comes to looks, the majority of Women are not perfectionists and would much rather a ‘real man’ in relatively decent shape with a main priority of good health over a guy that’s so self obsessed he puts the gym before his girl.

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