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Why Women Need To Quit Multi-tasking

We live in a day and age where everything is go-go-go. Most of us don’t even drive a whole journey without checking our emails or to see if anyone’s ‘liked’ our status.

As Women, we’re simply doing too much and we don’t make our lives easy.

The problem Is that we ‘want it all’ and we try to accomplish too many roles. We want to be the hands on mother, the doting wife, the caring friend, the social butterfly and the successful business woman – all in a normal day.

This is bound to ruffle some feathers as the ‘feminists of today’ will insist that Woman CAN have it all, and to an extent I think they can – but only within reason.

For instance, if you’re trying to run a business whilst dealing with kids and replying to your tweets, chances are you’re not only going to focus on each task with less interest but you’ll end up burnt out and confused as a result.

What we need to do is prioritise time in our lives to focus on the here and now. Pick the task of importance and just do it. Focus 100% on the job in hand and deal with everything else later. The pointless stuff can wait.

Most of you will reply with – “But there is not enough time in the day to focus on things individually”

Well , as the saying goes –

“You have the same hours in the day as Beyonce”

Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post has openly said how Women are simply doing too much and spending too much of their lives living in a digital world. We prioritise emails to chats in person and even google hangouts instead of meeting a person in the flesh.

“There’s scientific evidence that shows that there’s no such thing as multi-tasking. You think you’re being efficient, you’re actually being stupid. It’s time to move from multi-tasking to celebrating uni-tasking and actually being present in our lives rather than missing it.” – Huffington

Arianna is such a believer in taking time out for yourself that she even introduced sleep rooms into all of her offices and is an advocate for midday naps WITHOUT any tech in order to re-energize and re-gain focus at work.

tipsfromariannahuffingtononhowtothriveatwork3_1395748157Arianna Tweeted this image of herself taking a nap on her office sofa during a busy day. 

People forget how important sleep is and without it we can’t function half as well. Most of us would rather stay awake an extra hour in bed to scroll through Pinterest or reply to tweets instead of turning of the tech and re-charging our batteries.

Sleep deprivation not only causes you to lack the correct focus at work but it can effect your health making you more prone to depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
You may think these are extremes cases but if you consider how busy we are as humans on a daily basis and the strain we put on our bodies, it kind of makes sense!

So if you’re struggling to cope with the work load or the to-do list – simply reduce it. Make more time for you and absolutely nothing else.

Life is too short to be stressed out, run-down and completely zapped!

We are Women – not machines.

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