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Why Going For What Makes You Happy Can Be The Key To Success

Happiness leads to success, not the other way around. This is proven by well-respected researchers. Although we believe it’s the next step in our career, the goal we reach or the relationship that will ultimately make us happy – it’s the other way around. We need to become happy first with what we have and who we are, only then we can ultimately become successful.

Women have never been as empowered as in the western world today. Years ago there was no other chance for them than stay at home and care for the kids. We need to make use of this opportunity. Furthermore the internet provides access to an amount of information that humanity was never able to access before. These tremendous changes provide immense opportunities for women leaders in our world today.

Women are as smart as men, maybe even smarter. Our natural curiosity, our sense of collaboration and network, our empathy. All these strengths we can make use of to finally shift power in this male ruled world.

Women do have another way of dealing with a lot of situations, those traits might be perceived as weaker in men’s eyes from time to time. But once we are able to transfer these traits as strengths, they can become very powerful in today’s connected world. People count – and women’s emotional intelligence and communication skills form a vital part of a new form of collaborative leadership in a networked society.

One time in history we are able to do what we really want. There is this goal we want to achieve, this career transition, this company we want to found and we can go for it. The only thing that counts at that moment is focus. Once you decide to found a company you have to go the same hard way men do. Founding times are hard. But if you do it whole-heartedly you will almost enjoy every minute of it. You get used to the rollercoaster and addicted to that feeling that you are really doing what you are meant to be doing. You finally follow this invisible hand that leads you and you feel to be one with yourself. This is almost the most satisfying feeling you can ever have.

Founding is lonely. You will be misunderstood. Nobody can feel with you. But you do it. Because you love it. Because this one time in your life you spend almost every day like it would be your last. Don’t listen to what other people say, follow your inner voice. Be one with yourself. Work hard. Be nice to people. Most likely you will see each other again. There is nothing more satisfying then really doing what your heart tells you. Have the guts, take the risk, only then you can be lucky. Be open for these lucky moments, proactively ask for help and make use of your network. You only live once, live it to the fullest.

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