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When Is The ‘Right Time’ For Women To Settle Down?

Ambitious women around the world often seek an exciting work-life balance, one that opens many doors and drives them to succeed on a daily basis. With disposable incomes to enjoy the pleasures of life, they also enjoy independent travel which can play a big role in their 20s and 30s.

However, for those of you still single, watching your former high school friends fall in love, get married, buy a house and fill it with babies can often stir up uncertainty. Are you on the right path? Should you settle down too? This is the big question many women face in their 30s. However, this doesn’t mean settling for less than what you are worth in love and life by any means!

There are so many distractions and options for women to chase their dreams and live independently – personally and financially – and the thought of ‘nesting’ or putting a career on hold to have children does not always appeal.

Whether you are ‘settling’ down at a young age, with your high-school sweetheart boyfriend, after travelling the world, dating different men, building your career, or buying your own home, we all settle down at the right time for us.

Here are some clues that you might be at the right stage of your life for settling down:

  1. After clocking up more air miles than Richard Branson, mastering living out of a suitcase and exhausting your travel funds, you feel that it’s time to return home or set up roots somewhere.
  2. Meeting ‘the one’ gets your pulse racing. Your body clock might start pumping too as you see this special partner as being someone you would want to start a family with.
  3. You’ve achieved everything you wanted to achieve as an independent single person.
  4. You’ve travelled to places you felt compelled to visiting by yourself.
  5. You have played the dating game enough to experience highs and lows – and met a range of characters along the way to know what you do and don’t want.
  6. You have got over any previous heartaches or relationships and have dealt with any emotional ‘baggage’.
  7. You are not settling down just because of peer pressure or because you think it’s the norm.
  8. You have the money and resources to fend for yourself without being reliant on a partner.
  9. You want to give love and attention to a family of your own. You view your partner as someone who would make a loving and emotionally supportive partner, who would also make a good father.
  10. You are ready to embrace this new ‘settling down’ chapter of your life.

Whatever stage in life you are at, make sure you go with your gut and do what makes you happy. Life is too short to jump into decisions just because the pressures of society tells you you’re at the age you should! After-all, age is JUST a number.

Linda Shackelford has worked as a journalist for New Zealand’s best-selling national mass market magazines, leading national and regional newspapers. She spent most of her twenties building her journalism & public relations career, interviewing celebrities and organising and attending exciting PR events, before leaving New Zealand with one suitcase, in exchange for her desire to see the world.
During her globe-trotting adventures she has not only been a keen writer, but has met some inspirational charities, entrepreneurs and business people. Linda is now settled back in New Zealand and currently writing a book for women based on her travel experiences.  To keep up with Linda, follow her on Twitter @Linda_Intrepid
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