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What Does Your Bikini Line Say About You and What Do Guys REALLY Prefer?

Keeping everything ‘down there’ looking fine isn’t always top of the priority list. Some babes are all over it, with their appointments scheduled weeks in advance, some are more DIY and some just leave it be.

What kind of bikini line are you rocking and what does it say about you?

(We also asked 3 guys what they think of each look. Not that we really care that much but it’s always good to know.)

What does your bikini line say about you?


1. Au Naturel

You can do what you like with your body but keeping things natural and untamed isn’t for everyone. Letting it grow can be a clear indicator that you’re confident in your body and happy with leaving things as they should be. It can show you’ve got a bit of a wild side, but can also give the perception you’re just lazy and don’t take pride in your appearance. You can’t expect a guy to go down there surely?

What does your bikini line say about you?

What the guys said: 

Guy 1: “Ew, no way”

Guy 2: “I like it in porn but not real life”

Guy 3: “Thats gross. Not sexy at all”


2. Neat and Tidy

A classic tidy up ensuring everything is in order is better than rocking the full-on 70’s bush.  Making sure it’s trimmed to a manageable length with no ‘over-growth’ shows you care a little, but not that much. It can be a signal you’re quite reserved and not quite daring enough to opt for something a bit more exciting. Is that true in the bedroom too?

What does your bikini line say about you?

What the guys said:

Guy 1: “Better than the first one but still prefer less”

Guy 2: “I’m totally fine with this. It still natural but sexy”

Guy 3: “That’s ok I guess”


3. The Brazillian

Apparently, this is the sexiest of them all. Whilst it can be nice to be an instant turn on , be prepared to maintain ‘it’ with regular waxing appointments. You can opt for shaving but maintaining the shape means you’ll have to shave once or twice weekly which will likely give you that annoying shaving rash. Alternatively you can laser the sides but make sure you’ll be happy with it looking the same way – forever! (Big commitment)

What does your bikini line say about you?

What the guys said:

Guy 1: “Yeah, this is how I like it. Looks cleaner”

Guy 2: “This is perfect in my opinion”

Guy 3: “Much better. It shows she cares about her appearance”


4. Dressing It Up

Some Women are opting to cut out patterns in their vajayjay and some are even adding stick on jewellery to create sparkly designs. Whilst we really admire the effort, it can trigger warning bells  – why would you do it unless you wanted to show it off all the time? Plus the maintenance is waaaay too much effort.

What does your bikini line say about you?

What the guys said:

Guy 1: “HAHA. It would just make me laugh every time I looked at it”

Guy 2: “I think it’s quite co0l but i’d be worried id ruin it”

Guy 3: “Er, no. Weird”


5.The Hollywood

Not for the faint-hearted, getting completely naked down there is a no-nonsense sign that you do what you want, when you want. Women who do this tend to be the type that have a no patience approach to self-maintenance and would rather the whole thing be gone than have to mess around with shapes and trimming. Plus, some girls just love that super smooth feeling! Be prepared to keep on top of the maintenance though as it will grow back prickly.

What does your bikini line say about you?

What the guys said:

Guy 1: “Yeah I like it, looks cleaner”

Guy 2: “Nah not a fan, it’s not womanly”

Guy 3: “Hmm it’s ok but still prefer something there”



At the end of the day, we can do what we want to our bodies and should do whatever makes up feel amazing and empowered. But if you really care about what guys think, go for the landing strip and have the best of both.



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