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This Trait Is Why Women Get More Responses On Dating Apps Than Guys…

It’s no surprise that Women tend to get more luck on dating apps, and even though that’s partly down to the fact that Women are more picky and guys are just more sleazy in general  (oh come on you know it) there’s actually another reason too.

A recent study in the Social Network Analysis and Mining journal found that Men and Women  have different behavioral traits when using dating apps. Thats pretty obvious as we’re different sexes but what the study also found is that the key difference between the two sexes was that Women possess the trait : Self-consciousness.

As Women, we’re usually told not to be self-conscious and to own ourselves in every situation, but according to the study, being self-conscious actually works out well for Women when it comes to dating.

Women tend to be much more aware of their level of attractiveness and this is more so when using dating apps, whereas the Men tend to be oblivious as to how attractive they are. When a Woman comes across a potential date, they first evaluate their chances with that guy and try to determine whether or not that guy would find them attractive and reply back. Women don’t just message anyone, they only message the guys that they’re pretty confident they’ll get a return of attention from.

When it comes to Men, they’re less self-conscious and tend to be more care free and ‘risky’. Men will usually message anyone they think is hot with no or very little thought of how the Woman will perceive them in return and whether she will reply or not.  Men simply don’t care either way whereas Women are conscious that they’ll look stupid by approaching someone that doesn’t think they’re good looking enough to reply back to.

In basic dating app terms, Men tend to punch above their weight whereas Women are more cautious with who they approach.  Co-author of the study and doctoral candidate Shuangfei Zhai added:

“We found that males like to send a lot of messages to attractive female users, but they don’t get a lot of responses.”

The style of messaging that Men use is also a reason why many Women don’t reply as they tend to be more rash and basic. Men often come across  as un-thoughtful and way too into themselves which is a massive turn off for Women.

Only 16% of Men make an effort with their dating profile and most Men tend to use a profile image that isn’t appealing for Women. A photo of a boys night out just makes you look like a party guy and Women looking for something serious don’t dig that.

Women are way more self-conscious with their profiles with 30% even going as far as asking their friends for their opinion. Women take more time to consider how they will be perceived by the bio and profile image they use.

So the moral of the story is…

Guys, if you want more responses on dating apps, put in the work when it comes to your profile and don’t be so generic when it comes to messaging Women. Find out something from her profile that you think interests her and engage in conversation that way.

Remember, most Women looking for love don’t really care about looks, or it’s not at the top of their list anyway. What Women want is for you to stimulate their brain and get on their level. A conversation about a shared interest, your goals in life and how you see the world is much sexier than abs.


This Trait Is Why Women Get More Responses On Dating Apps And Guys Don't...

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