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This Nurse Was Asked If Her Rainbow Hair Affected Her Job. Here’s Her Epic Response…

Time and time again we see people disputing another persons character purely because of how they look. Questioning someones appearance is offensive and just plain rude. What’s super annoying is when the comments are made out to come from a place of concern, when in actual fact – they’re not.

Ultimate criticism like…

“Imagine how you’ll look when you’re older with all of those tattoos”

“What about when you get married? Don’t you want to look nice on your wedding day?”

Blah, blah, blah , the list goes on.

Comments like these come from all ages and backgrounds,  but in particular the older generation.  Whilst we accept the fact that times have changed and things that are deemed crazy now were un heard of back in the day, we don’t accept the fact that those very people (and the rest) STILL think it’s ok to discriminate someone because they look different to them. It’s just as bad as judging someone based on their skin colour and if you still do that in 2016, you suck!

Judging a persons ability to do their job based on how they look, is old fashioned and most definitely small-minded. This is something that people have to put up with every single day. People who spend years becoming Lawyers aren’t going to fail a case just because they’re whole body is tattooed from the neck down and School teachers aren’t going to abuse children just because they have a tonne of piercings.

A recent Facebook status by a Nurse (yes, a nurse who cares for people) shone light on this topic which ended up going viral. Mary Walls Penney, who works at a nursing home in West Virginia, described the time she popped to the store after work still wearing her Nurse uniform.

When being served, the cashier went onto questioning the fact she was a nurse with ‘that hair’ implying she was not capable of her job – ABSURD!!!

Here’s the status – 

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 16.42.06

Walls Penney’s post has actually been liked more than 282,000 times and been published on media sites around the world. Not only has she spoken on behalf of thousands of people who undergo the same mis treatment every day, but she’s proved that in a world full of plain-Janes and basic bitches, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a magical unicorn. 

It’s time people stopped being so narrow minded and judged people on their ethics and morals rather than their appearance. Better yet, how about we stop judging people at all. 

Featured Image and status via Mary Walls Penney Facebook.

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