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This Cryptic Wikileakes Tweet Regarding Julian Assange Has The Internet In Meltdown

Sound the cyberwar cannons. It has begun.

On Monday morning the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent out an urgent tweet to the masses:

The Australian founder of the activist website, known for releasing leaked and classified documents, was apparently having a connectivity issue. How the internet link was severed is unclear.

While some immediately recalled seeing Hillary Clinton lurking outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London with a big pair of scissors, there were some alternate, equally valid theories.

WikiLeaks has played a significant role in the current U.S. election. It released troves of documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in July, forcing the resignation of Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after tensions were revealed between the DNC and Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The organisation is currently sharing emails stolen from the account of Hillary Clinton’s advisor, John Podesta.

WikiLeaks has not disclosed the origins of its documents, although some security officials have pointed to Russian hackers hoping to influence the U.S. election. The link has not been definitively proven.

Assange, for his part, has been living in the Ecuador Embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces sexual misconduct charges. A United Nations panel recommended in February he should be allowed to move freely.

Assange has denied the most recent leaks were intended to damage the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, however WikiLeaks’s political sympathies have been called into question.

On Friday Pamela Anderson was seen visiting Julian at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London with a vegan lunch. Twitter has even speculated that the Baywatch star poisoned the activist.

The group’s Twitter account deleted a poll in September speculating about Clinton’s health, and has also deleted tweets accused of being anti-Semitic.

Still, never one to hold a grudge, Twitter has some tried and tested suggestions if Julian needs some help.

Hours earlier, the same Twitter account sent out three cryptic tweets, leading to fevered Reddit speculation Assange had died and the tweets were a “dead man’s switch” to be triggered on his demise.

Given the concern about his internet, that is presumably not the case.

The hashtag #FreeJulian is currently trending on Twitter.

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