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These Sexist Comments Towards Olympic Reporter Helen Skelton Are Causing A Stir Online…

Another day, another story of sexism towards Women in Television.

The other day we were blown away by the amount of abuse Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly attracted for wearing spaghetti straps whilst presenting at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Megyn caused outrage on Twitter and was accused of being unprofessional due to her choice of wardrobe –  even though she presented flawlessly.


Megyn Kelly presenting at the Republican National Convention wearing spaghetti straps.

And this week the topic of sexist conversation is Helen Skelton.

Helen is a British presenter and has been commentating at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

During her commentary of the swimming, twitter blew up into a frenzy and hundreds of complaints we made to OFCOM (the UK’s regulator for TV, Radio and Video) regarding Helens dress, or lack of according to some people.

These Sexist Comments Towards Olympic Reporter Helen Skelton Are Causing A Stir Online...

Helen Skelton commentating on the Olympic swimming in her ‘very short dress’

Viewers were disgusted that Skeltons’ legs were on show too much and that her shoulders were out for all to see, describing her look as ‘inappropriate’, ‘offensive’ and ‘distracting to the sport’.

Let’s be clear here, you couldn’t see her knickers and her modesty remained in tact, it was merely a bit of thigh. She even stuck to ‘the rule’ of legs OR boobs and her chest was completely covered.

It’s also pretty ironic how  Helen was reporting on the Swimming where all around her there were men in tighty whiteys and women in barely there 2 pieces. But that’s ok, right? It’s just the presenter that has to adhere to the requests of the viewers, whilst sweltering in 30 degree Brazilian heat.

*eye roll*

Why is the topic of conversation yet again regarding a Womans’ appearance rather than her ability to do her job properly? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone is also entitled to wear whatever the hell they want too. Just because they’re on TV and providing a service to you, the viewer, doesn’t mean you have the right to dictate what someone wears. 


In the midst of all the abuse, Helen has also attracted some positive supporters of her attire….

Helens look even caught the attention of the twitter creeps and many men were even encouraging Helen to swivell on her chair more in an attempt to see up her dress. SERIOUSLY?

Following on from the dress saga, Helen proved she doesn’t care about the trolls one bit and the very next day gave them something else to oggle at. This time, Ms.Skelton ‘sported’ a crotchet style top where viewers could see her bra underneath.


This is the exact action that Women should take when being shamed for their appearance. Own it and do it again. Don’t change your ways for anyone, especially for a bunch of twitter trolls.

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