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These Images Are The Reason Women Have Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

We live in a world where every day our minds are saturated with online images of what we THINK are #relationshipgoals and the #dreamlife

But in actual fact, real life is NOTHING like that.

The majority of what we see on Instagram and the likes of, is either set up to get likes or only temporary anyway.  Even the ‘luckiest’ of girls only share the good things with you and avoid showing you the normal/bad times.

We’re all for dreaming big and getting everything you want in life, but come on, be real and accept the fact that ‘normal’ can be just as amazing if you appreciate it.

Here’s some of the reasons why Women have completely false expectations when it comes to ‘true love’…

1. The piggy back. Who the hell does this? Most of us are way too heavy for that shit.



2. Couples who train together stay together


3. Far fetched proposals that most guys can’t afford.

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4. A simple walk in the park ALWAYS turns into a romantic rendition of dirty dancing.


5. Kissing in the sea fully clothed is normal.


6. Kissing passionately on the kitchen counter – this is just unhygienic.


7.  Netflix and chill is always done in style with golden tans.


8.  Not sure what this is meant to be but don’t try it. Men can’t trusted.


9. Walking into rooms which are randomly full of roses is the norm.


10. Lounging around on vacation in robes drinking champagne is always a joy and doesn’t end up ruined because you can’t handle your drink and think it’s the perfect time to discuss his ex’s.


11. All your shoes are designer and matching #Louboutin


12. Just your average birthday…


13. Why would anyone want to risk getting flower petals ‘there’?


14. Your man brings you breakfast in bed regularly.


15. Your hubby hires a driver so he can sit in the back of the Rolls Royce with you #cute


And THIS is the reality of most relationships…

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