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Swiftly Moving On: As Taylor Gets ANOTHER Boyfriend, Are You BF Obsessed?

This week it’s all about ‘Hiddleswift’ but before that we were all watching Taylor loved up with Calvin Harris. Before that her boyfriend list includes many names we can be jealous of: Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas and that’s just the beginning. Taylor is practically never seen without a boyfriend and when a relationship fails, there’s only ever a couple of weeks (or days in this case) before she’s found someone new.

What she does with her life is her choice, but what about you? Are you addicted to having a boyfriend?

Some women can’t imagine a day without being loved up whilst others treat collecting boyfriends like a competitive sport. Some women have never been single for more than a couple of weeks in their whole adult lives and whilst this is fine on some level, you’ve got to ask why you’re doing it.

You shouldn’t need a boyfriend to make you happy, secure or able to go out and enjoy yourself and if you do, it may be time to have a think about how healthy your relationships really are.

Can Taylor manage without a man? , because the guys she attracts make us think she might just be a bit greedy. But, if you think about your own life and relationships in the same way, do you see similarities?

Some women get addicted to the thrill of starting a new relationship and all those exciting new love feelings whilst others are constantly on the search for the perfect man for the classic white wedding and ‘happily ever after’. Where do you sit on the spectrum?

Looking loved up: Taylor with Ex Calvin Harris in June Source:Telegraph

Looking loved up: Taylor with Ex Calvin Harris in June

Curing your Boyfriend Addiction

If being without a man genuinely effects your emotional wellbeing and leaves you feeling lost then you really need to work on your self-belief and confidence, rather than jumping on the next man who comes along. Consider the following tips for getting to know yourself and enjoying some solo time:

1. Do something just for you: find something to do which doesn’t involve men at all or where they’re not the focus. It could be a dance class, a hardcore gym session or learning a new skill. Enjoy the time to just focus on yourself.

2. Spend time with your friends: when you and your mates get together it shouldn’t all be about man hunting. Plan some girl’s nights out where the focus is just you women and any men trying to butt in can be sent packing.

3. Raise your standards: one of the big problems when you’re addicted to being in a relationship is you settle for anything! Just because you’re newly single doesn’t mean you should throw yourself at the nearest man, think about what you really want from your future partners and look for it.

Whilst plenty of people are taking bets on how long Hiddleswift will last, have a think about how you compare and whether you need to sort out your relationship with yourself and how you view men.


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