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Susan Sarandon: “I Don’t Vote With My Vagina”…

Hollywood actress and environmental activist Susan Sarandon explains to BBC’s Evan Davis why she is not supporting either presidential candidate, in particular, Hillary Clinton.

When asked how she feels about a female being president for the first time: “Don’t you think it would be important to have a woman elected for president in the US?” Sarandon replied

“I don’t vote with my vagina, this is bigger than that and I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about Trump and Hillary because that’s not why I’m here.”

These words are precisely the point. We are always pushed into arguing over one side vs the other and for the wrong reasons. Too many people want Hillary to win purely because she’s a Woman and too many want Trump to win because he’s ‘anti-establishment’.

Why not talk about real the issues? The important things that a candidate will do and not just talk about what someone won’t do or isn’t good at and so forth?

Susan emphasises her point on the control of water and fracking and how the most important issues that need to be solved are simply being overlooked.

“Ultimately I don’t have to make the choice to vote against my own best interests because the reason we’re in the situation we’re in, is because everyone has been voting against the less of two evils for so long. It’s important to have a new party.”

Susan also brings up a good point, the media, banks, corporations and so forth are all behind Hillary leaving no doubt she will win. What does this tell us? That any candidate who can pay enough and get enough corporations, media and powerful people in their back pocket can win popular vote. So what is this really all about even?


Any President is simply a front for the shadow government that elects them. This is a very difficult but important fact that must be accepted. Plenty has been covered in-depth about who’s really in control. Thankfully, this election and WikiLeaks is helping to make this clear.

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