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Stylish Top Tech Gadgets For Women On The Go

We’ve all got our smartphones, tablets and standard pieces of kit but what else can we add to our stash to make life more productive and in some cases, easier? With a huge range of tech on the market, there is something for absolutely everything. Here’s some of the best to make life more fit, fun and just that little bit more simple.

1.   Fitness Band

Wearable tech is all the rage right now and getting techy with your fitness regime can really help you get the most out of your workouts and boost your health to its optimum. Whilst style isn’t everything when you’re getting your sweat on, it doesn’t hurt to look good at the same time, that’s another reason we love these 2 health and fitness trackers…

The Fitbit Alta is the brand’s sexiest tracker yet and they’ve even teamed up with Tory Burch to create designer accessories for the range. The Fitbit allows you to track your daily steps, calories burnt and even reminds you to keep moving throughout the day to hit your daily targets. It also syncs with your phone and displays call and text alerts so you can keep your phone out the way while working out (kind of like the apple watch in many ways but for a fraction of the price!) You can also use the Fitbit to manage your sleep routine and set a silent alarm that wakes you up with gentle vibrations.

With everything you need to track and manage your fitness and health, Fitbit is the ideal gadget to help you reach your goals.It’s really one of our faves!

The LEAF by Bellabeat is specifically designed for women and aims to connect your body and mind and track your overall body health. As well as tracking your health and fitness goals, leaf also tracks your period cycles and even reminds you when to take your pill. Like the Fitbit, the Leaf  can also monitor your sleeping patterns and wake you up gently and calmly by vibrating softly. The Leaf even helps you to meditate by offering you different meditations relevant to your goals.

Simply sync the device with your phone to view and manage every aspect of your health on the go.

What we LOVE about this tracker is that is doesn’t even look like a gadget and can be worn as a beautiful piece of jewellery either clipped onto your clothing, worn around the neck or as a bracelet.

2.   Spiderpodium

Don’t let the name freak you out. This nifty gadget is a MUST for those of you that spend hours watching content on your phone. With more people spending longer and longer watching video on mobile devices, many people have started to moan about achey wrists and hands. The Spiderpodium helps put an end to this making it easy to balance and tilt your phone on any angle and watch handsfree.  It’s super easy to attach your smartphone or tablet (or anything else) wherever you want and even in your car (although we don’t recommend it for watching video if you’re driving).

It looks seriously weird, but in a good way, and it’s also a great DIY cam kit. Watch movies with your quirky Spiderpodium, get social with your mates or even catch up on some work, it’s that versatile.


3.   Retro Camera

Who says there isn’t fun in a bit of retro tech? The original Instagram, your own Polaroid camera is a seriously vintage piece of cool kit. There are new polaroids on the market and they’ve got a fun and fresh vibe which allows you to create IG photos in real life.

Our favourite camera is the Fujifilm Instax which easily lets you snap and print images in seconds letting you capture amazing memories forever.


4.   Sexy Headphones

Skullcandy is known for the superb sound quality of their headphones but now they’ve mixed it up a bit by creating these fab female-focused designs. These Skullcandy Knockout On-Ear Headphones are available in a range of classy finishes, including gold and purple, black with silver studs and a pretty floral pair. They combine sex appeal with crystal clear sounds for whenever you need to immerse yourself in your tunes and still look stylish.



5.   Stylish Wireless Charger

No one can be bothered messing with cables and wires when their battery is low and with the WoodPuck you don’t have to. With a smart and stylish design combined with instant Wi-Fi charging you will never have to be without your phone on full power. Whether you’re obsessed with snapchat or always glued to Facebook, you don’t need to worry about your battery dying on the go. It slips easily into your bag and is switched on with a single touch.


6.     For The Perfect Selfie…

If you’re selfie obsessed, you’ll know the importance of good lighting to make you look amazing. But even in 2016, most phones don’t  even have front facing flash cameras (WHY?!!) , which is why we’re OBSESSED with the Lumee selfie flash case. Simply slot your phone inside the case and start taking flawless selfies with perfect lighting. Used by the selfie Queen herself, Kim Kardashian.

7.     The Selfie Stick

How can we forget the selfie stick?! More of an accessory but still just as vital to your gadget collection, the selfie stick has become a compulsory item every Women needs. Perfect for group photos, vacation snaps, full length selfies, and the perfect way to get your good side, this selfie stick is our favourite and most sturdy one on the market.


What else can’t you live without? Let us now below…


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