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What times we live in. 2016 has certainly been quite a year…

Leicester City winning the premier league, Chicago Cubs the World Series, Brexit in the UK and now Donald Trump winning the US presidency seemingly against all the odds.

The world has flipped on its collective head, and the establishment and intelligentsia seem utterly crestfallen. How could this happen?!

At dinner parties up and down the country, in cities throughout the developed world the metropolitan elite sip their expensive wine, and sneer at Trump with a roll of the eyes, regurgitating their programmed, rehearsed sound bites from the establishment media about Trump…
“racist, sexual abuser, misogynist, mocker of the disabled, imagine him with his finger on the nuclear button” etc…The standard, stock phrases to “fit in” and be socially accepted by their peers.

Panellists on Question Time shift uncomfortably in their seats, and huff and puff about the outcome of a democratic process. The echo chamber they reside in gives them their confirmation bias, and if something is repeated often enough, it becomes “true”.
The echo chamber is their choice of news information, their social media friends, the sneering satirists on the TV panel shows, their own social life. They are so sure they are right and that Hillary Clinton was the rational, sensible, option here.
How could these uncouth, uneducated heathens not see it?! Pray tell, how can this have happened!?

Suggest that Hillary wasn’t the right option to any of these people and expect to be looked at as if you have 2 heads, before the baying mob smears you as a racist, a sexist or “nazi sympathiser”. The programming has been strong, done so subtly that those programmed don’t even realise the extent of it.

I tried this recently at a family party as we discussed the US election I stated I was glad Donald Trump had won. My mother and her partner and grandparents looked on horrified, my mother apoplectic with rage.
The afternoon rapidly descended into chaos, where I was roundly dismissed and verbally attacked by all in attendance, apart for my sister who tried to be impartial.

Does anyone else feel my pain? Just how has this been achieved? This article is for anyone else who has found themselves in a similar scenario, to maybe restore some balance and perspective, to counteract the cacophony of selective outrage and hypocrisy.

It’s so unbelievably frustrating to witness so many intelligent, decent people being duped, but it always comes down to one thing; they simply haven’t looked into the other side, and many will stubbornly refuse to do so either.

Things are changing, but there’s still an overwhelming consensus from many that for something to be factually accurate and true, it has to have been validated by the western mainstream media. The idea that these media outlets may possibly have an agenda is anathema to the aforementioned intelligentsia.
However, the recent US presidential election campaign should really force us all to have a serious rethink about this, and indeed the level of collusion between media outlets and governments.  Not a single major media outlet in the USA aligned themselves with Donald Trump. Unprecedented in US election history.

It was left to social media, alternative media outlets and citizen journalists to fight Trump’s corner, as unfortunately the entire broadcast media were in the pocket of the Clinton campaign so they could shriek the loudest.

This isn’t just conjecture either.

This and many more incredible facts were revealed by Wikileaks. To date Wikileaks have a ten year accurate vetting record. The information on Wikileaks is factual and 100% primary source documentation, not edited for editorial commentary. Raw facts, and merely presenting data. Make of it what you will.

Although his liberal world view is collapsing, and Noam Chomsky himself is against Trump, his analysis of media power in his book,  Manufacturing Consent  tells us

“The media serve, and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests that control and finance them. The representatives of these interests have important agendas and principles that they want to advance, and they are well positioned to shape and constrain media policy.”

Some real beauties in here though; Clinton hosting a party with all the influential reporters and editors and anchors with stated goal of “framing the race”. The New York Times and Clinton in collusion to attack Trump, Huffington Post contributors backing Clinton, John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign manager) receiving drafts of articles before they were published from the New York Times…. Please read the list to see the huge media collusion with the Clinton campaign…

Was this a fair fight?

A very compelling interview also came to light during this presidential campaign. I urge you all to watch this for yourselves, take notes, fact check.
If the world wasn’t so upside down then the information presented here by Julian Assange should be on the front page of every newspaper on the planet.

During the Trump/Clinton debates, Clinton on a number of occasions stated that the source of the Wikileaks information was a result of a hack from Russia. Assange states clearly that this is indeed false, and that the leaks have come from elsewhere, highly likely from within us state department in my humble opinion.

The pay for play revelations are staggering and indeed the money going through the Clinton foundation.
The most startling revelation here, and there are many, is that the Saudi Arabian and Qatar governments are funding and controlling Isis, and furthermore Clinton also facilitated the largest arms deal in the world, worth over $80 billion to the Saudis.

Are you connecting any dots yet? The very Saudis who oppress women and homosexuals, who Hillary claims to fight for.

Assange also goes onto state that the invasion of Libya was “Hillary’s war” something she really pushed for. To date, there have been over 40,000 casualties of that particular crusade, and the entire region destabilised, helping to contribute massively to the migrant crisis in Europe.

Her reaction to the murder of Gadaffi is alarming and disturbing to say the least. She sits and laughs and cackles at a man’s murder as she says “we came, we saw, he died“. And this is the rational, sensible option??

In the following clip the idea Trump is a crazed warmonger is more than debunked and juxtaposed with the Clinton reaction. Who are you more afraid of having their “hand on the nuclear button”?


The activities of the Clintons and the allegations against them and their foundation could fill an entire book, maybe a “war and peace” type of length. (No pun intended)

Is this the woman and candidate that we are mourning not getting into The Whitehouse? Her comments on attacking Iran back in 2008 really do chill you to the bone. And her continual demonisation of Russia, and calls for a no fly zone in Syria would have in all likelihood brought about military conflict with the Russians.


How far we have fallen and we haven’t even touched on the truly disturbing #pizzagate allegations yet.

It seems regardless of what you show people they will continue to legitimise the insane and absurd with Clinton. The fact she has the blood of millions on her hands doesn’t seem to warrant concern.
Fred West was a decent guy too, apart from the bodies under the patio.
To draw a Star Wars analogy, voting for Clinton is like voting FOR the Death Star, except she’s spun as the ewoks.

Trump is far from perfect, but who is?

He lacks diplomacy, he tweets at 3 a.m, he isn’t “politically correct” he made a dodgy joke about grabbing women on a bus, the list goes on. But is he evil? And if we are to judge someone on their actions, where does Clinton come on the evil scale?

I don’t believe so. I think he genuinely cares about his country and is sick and tired of the corruption.
Why else would a billionaire with the life of Riley put themselves up for this level of abuse and scrutiny? He has stated many times he “doesn’t need this“.

The only way this status quo could be broken open was by someone with vast amounts of money, and he has succeeded, against all the odds.
While the intelligentsia are hyperventilating with the shock of it all, I am quietly sitting back and seeing how it all plays out, savouring a remarkable victory, thinking that the USA and the world has dodged a bullet.

The establishment threw the kitchen sink at it with their backing of Hillary Clinton. Trump really is a threat to them, and with speeches such as this you can certainly see why….


The people have bravely spoken.
Interesting times ahead, and just what will 2017 bring…Hold onto your hats!

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