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Stop with the Skinny Shaming: ALL Women are “Real” Women

Fashion, and accepting larger-sized women for who they are and the shape they choose to be, has become more and more mainstream. This is great; anyone who is happy with their body should be celebrated but, sometimes, it seems to be at the cost of belittling those who are naturally slim, smaller or who may have worked their ass off to be a particular size and are proud to be there. It is possible to support women who are larger or choose to be a bigger size and also accept those who are smaller too. If you’re not able to do that then it seems like there’s some serious jealousy going on.

Fat shaming is all over the media but, really, criticising someone’s weight or size is hurtful and damaging whatever size they are. It doesn’t matter if someone is overweight or underweight, judging them because of this has the same negative effect. And woman just shouldn’t do that to each other.

One of the worst things to have come out of plus size body positivity is the claim that larger, curvier women are ‘real’ women, suggesting that women who may be less voluptuous, have smaller boobs with less curves are some kind of imaginary being and are not even women at all. Curvy is a popular label these days and with celebrities like the Kardashians flaunting their curves and ‘big butts’ , it leaves Women who are more naturally thin to feel less sexy and less ‘Woman’.

But the truth is, it’s none of our business.The focus should not be on how big your butt is or how curvy you are, it should be on how healthy and happy you are.

Quotes like this one can have a detrimental effect to the confidence of Women.

Quotes like this one can have a detrimental effect to the confidence of Women.

The more fat shaming is demonised, the more it seems to be OK to ‘skinny shame’ other women. Women who are naturally slim or struggle to put on weight endlessly hear things like “You’re nothing but skin and bone” and there’s always a colleague trying to force you back to the biscuit tin. Words like “skeletal” and “emaciated” pop up in magazines regularly and, of course, almost every slimmer girl has heard the phrase ‘skinny bitch’ at least once!

Fat has been claimed as a feminist issue and this seems to make dialogue between thinner women and larger women about fat and weight issues difficult. A rational debate seems impossible as everyone finds themselves defensive and hurt at the same time. A thin woman surrounded by larger women may find she needs to watch what she says. Anything from claiming there’s willpower involved in her weight or daring to claim she might even be HAPPY at her size, is a no go.

Weighing both too much and too little can be seriously damaging to your health but it’s also seriously mentally damaging if you choose to call someone out simply for the way they look.

Skinny shaming and fat shaming are just as bad as each other.


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