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Why We Should Stop Giving A F**k About What Other People Think

We’re all guilty of caring too much about what people think. We live our lives and make critical choices based on the opinion of others. We tip toe our way through life governed not by what we believe in or feel compelled to do, but by what society dictates is right and proper. From the education we pursue, to the job we hold down, our actions, appearance and lifestyle; we forge our path constantly thinking about how other people perceive us.

But what would happen if we stopped giving a damn about what other people think and lived our lives the way we wanted to?

You’ll have improved self confidence

The moment you stop worrying about what other people think your confidence will sky rocket. From a young age we are all preconditioned to ‘fit in’, to be part of the in-crowd; to wear the right clothes, listen to the right music and work in the right industry. But self-confidence isn’t about emulating someone else, it’s about being confident with who you really are. It’s about being comfortable and proud in your own skin. The sooner we stop worrying about what other people think; the sooner we stop giving a fuck; the sooner we can discover our true selves and thus true happiness.

You’ll do what makes you happy

We spend too much time focusing on the expectations of other people and forget to consider what it is that we actually want; what makes us happy. When you stop giving a fuck about everyone else you can concentrate on living the life you want to live and being the person you want to be. Only when you are living true to yourself can you find real happiness. And when you’re happy, the people around you will be happier too. Often we find that we compromise for those who we love the most, but end up damaging relationships because of discontentment. Its clichéd, but you have to love yourself before you can love and be loved. Finding what makes you happy, what gives you purpose and meaning is critical.

You’ll be able to see things more clearly

If you’re constantly thinking about the ‘right’ thing to say or do, you’re probably not spending much time listening to your own thoughts and opinions. When you cut out the noise of other people’s expectations you’ll be able to see things more clearly and make the right decisions for number one.

You’ll take action without fear of being judged

Sheryl Sandberg often asks the question: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Let’s take this one step further and ask: What would you do if you weren’t afraid about what other people think? From starting your own business to buying a round-the-world ticket – if you stop wondering what other people will think about your actions and instead follow your own head and heart about the decisions you make, you’re far more likely to make the right ones. By stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking the status quo, and taking risks you will find true worth, and discover your passions and purpose in life.

You’ll no longer be restricted by the way you think

Thinking for yourself, being who you want to be, and not limiting your ability for anybody else is extremely empowering. Do what you want to do – in the end you’ll be much happier for it and will attract people that love you for who you are, who respect your opinions and decisions and who will share your positivity. When you truly concentrate on what you want, think and believe you’ll be amazed by your own creativity and conviction.

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