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Sleeping Naked Is Good for More Than Just Your Sex Life…

No this isn’t a myth made up by a bunch of horny guys, there is actually scientific evidence behind why sleeping naked is good for you.

Sleeping in the buff is a good way of giving both your health and your sex life a push in the right direction. Plenty of people strip off in the summer or don’t put their PJs on after sex but sleeping naked can actually benefit your body and your lifestyle in many different ways.


Better Quality Sleep

Loads of research has found that sleeping in a cooler room is better for a good night’s sleep and equally a cooler body is better too. You may love your favourite pair of flannel PJs but they’re not going to be helping you get a good night’s sleep. Your body temperature comes down naturally as you sleep so if you’re too warm and wearing heavy PJs and bedding, you can disrupt your body’s natural behaviour.


Lustrous Skin and Hair

Tossing and turning all night in PJs and sweating instead of sleeping is no good at all. It’s also no good for your skin and hair as it disrupts the natural production and release of melatonin and the body’s growth hormone. Both of these help to keep your skin and hair glowing and are key ingredients in combatting ageing.


Healthier Vajajay

No one wants a sweaty vajayay. Tight pants or shorts when you sleep create an uncomfortable, moisture-rich breeding ground between your legs. Suffocating your lady parts isn’t going to do it any favours especially if you’re helping bacteria spread and grow. Sleeping naked is better for keeping everything down their healthy and clean. It reduces the ability of bacteria to overtake the natural secretions you produce.


Better Diet

With a better sleep regime, you’ll have a body in better overall condition. You get the time to relax and repair so when you wake, you’re in a better frame of mind to tackle each day head on with less of a need to reach for stimulants like caffeine and  greasy comfort foods. The stress hormone cortisol reduces significantly when you sleep properly so your cravings will be controlled.


Steamier Sex

Obviously, sleeping naked makes sex ‘happen’ much quicker, but as you sleep naked and your bodies touch you’re much more likely to be naturally turned on and up for fun. The skin to skin contact helps to boost the body’s feel good chemicals so you’ll be primed for a seriously good climax once the sex gets under way too.

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