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Single In The States? Find Your Perfect Partner In These Cities…

If you’re struggling to find a spouse in your local area, maybe it’s time to take drastic action and move.

Finding the right person to love has become one big mission for a lot of millenials and people are , rightly so, becoming more picky than ever when choosing their perfect partner.

Meeting someone in your area that shares the same interests as you may not working out for you simply because they’re just not there, not because you’re having bad luck. Being at the right place with the right people will mean you have a higher chance of finding Mr or Mrs Right.  Or maybe it’s time to simply find some new interests?

Mobile dating app Clover recently launched a new feature allowing users to group chat with people who shared the same interests as them with topic-based mixers. The data was then analyzed to show the most popular mixers their 1.5Million user base were interested in.

Whilst the most popular mixer was the ‘Serious Relationship’ mixer, this was followed by a healthy and diverse range of topics from sex, drugs and religion.

Checkout this infographic:

picture showing what single people in different states look for

Infographic via Clover

As the infographic shows, there’s some cities you should completely avoid and some you should probably re-locate to if you’re really serious about finding love.

Good luck… you’re going to need it judging by some of the names of those mixers.

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