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This Reporter Wore Spaghetti Straps On TV And People Are Losing The Will To Live…

God forbid a Woman shows her shoulders on national TV in 2016 eh?

Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly fell victim to a barrage of online sexist abuse on Wednesday because she was wearing spaghetti straps during her commentary of the Republican National Convention.

More sexism towards women? REALLY?!

The convention was held in hot and humid Cleveland where the audience and even some campaigners were in their comfortable summer clothes yet viewers of the show sparked outrage at Megyns’ choice to top.

Whilst many of the comments on twitter are the standard sexist kind you see from men (come on, that’s the truth and you know it ) what was more of a shock was the amount of WOMEN slating Megyn too.

One classy tweet implied that she was dressed as a “whore,” while another Twitter user said that Kelly should dress more professionally and less like she’s “trolling for a drink at the hotel bar.”

This is a Woman who is perfectly capable of her job yet people are judging her based on her appearance. 

Here’s some of the most sexist and pretty unfair tweets that show were STILL living in an age where people need to lighten up, accept other peoples choices and stop being so bloody discriminative. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.39.11


We could go on and on but you get the drift. 

Megyn darling, wear whatever the hell you want. 

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