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Online Dating Fails: The Types Of Guys You Meet Online

When it comes to online dating, there are tonnes of hot guys but there are also even more weirdos too. Whether you’re swiping right, liking or planning on hooking up, it’s not always the same when you meet in person. See, these guys always seem to fit into one ‘type’ or another, unless you’re lucky enough to strike gold.

This video is going to give you flashbacks you probably want to forget but you can also treat it as a lesson for the future and look out for those tell-tale warning signs of guys who aren’t quite all they originally seemed. Let’s face it, all of us want to avoid Mr Clingy and there’s no fun in spending a night with a guy who is more interested in his  social notifications than actually talking to you. If ‘dating-to-fuck’ is your thing then you’ll be able to find it, just be ready to see he’s back on Tinder minutes after leaving your flat. Not even gonna mention the married guy – seriously don’t go there.

Bad dates can be funny and if you’re a serial dater you’re bound to have got caught on at least one of these disaster dates.

Credit: YouTube, Buzzfeed Yellow.

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