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No Boyfriend? Here’s How To Enjoy A No-Strings Sex Life

No strings sex is great for the soul! Whether things are open with you and your bae or you’re single and not looking to change that any time soon, hooking up with hot men should always be a great experience. If you’re the kind of Woman who’s focused on doing you and have no time for a man, or if you simply enjoy kissing as many frogs as you can without the commitment, then no-strings sex is for you.

If you’re too thirsty though, it won’t work. To truly enjoy casual sex, you’ve got to own it and get your facts straight from the start. Getting attached is a no-no as this can leave you feeling used and heartbroken. 

Here are the key things you need to remember for your next one-nighter.

Choose CarefullyNo Boyfriend? Here's How To Enjoy A No-Strings Sex Life

Plenty of men are up for one night of fun but you want it to seriously sizzle. Is there someone who comes to mind whenever you think about hooking up? Perhaps that cocky guy who works in your building or your brother’s friend, these guys may seem kind of off bounds but if you’re both clear about what you want, why not?

Pure Pleasure

Both you and the guy need to be on the same page. This is a casual thing and it’s all about what you can give each other in the bedroom. Don’t be taking this guy out for dinner or even go for drinks, set the time, set the date and get down to business. Don’t have him stay over either.


Make it Hot and Wild

Casual sex is all about pleasure. The wilder and hotter you make it the less you can associate it with the idea of ‘making love’. This hook up is all about wild sex and nothing to do with love and affection so take the opportunity to truly let go and enjoy yourself.

Take No Shit

Just because it’s a one-off doesn’t mean this guy can disrespect you. He should be there when he says he will be and he should be loving the whole situation as much as you are. If you fancy another ride, make it clear to him this could totally be a longer term casual thing, for sex only, and only on your terms.

No Boyfriend? Here's How To Enjoy A No-Strings Sex LifeGreat sex with someone you know can push all your buttons but doesn’t stop you from enjoying your single life. It can be great, as long as you both play by the rules , make sure you’re always clear with each other and no one catches feelings.


Oh, and don’t get pregnant. 



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