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A New Study Has Found That The Contraceptive Pill Can Cause This Side Effect…

If you’re a female within the ages of 16-ish and 30-ish, chances are you take the contraceptive pill and have been for some time now. But do you have any idea on the adverse affects that tiny little pill has on your mind and body?

Granted, it’s great for not getting knocked up (99% of the time), and many young girls take it to help with hormonal acne, however, being on contraception can cause a multitude of health issues triggering bloating, throbbing boobs, headaches and queasiness. Another side affect that not many people are aware of is mood swings, and many females just put their moods down to when they are due or on their period.

But now a new research study has revealed that birth control pills can affect your ability to process emotions, particularly on the days you’re not on the tablet.

Scientists assessed 73 adult females: 30 who were on the tablet, 18 who didn’t take contraception at all and 25 who were on their “pill-free” week. The aim was to see how contraception affected the females’s ability to emphasize. Researchers wanted 3 various elements of empathy: emotional recognition, perspective-taking and emotional responsiveness.

Sina Radke, among the authors of the research study, stated:

“If OC usage is connected to a decreased capability to acknowledge feelings, this may eventually have unfavorable repercussions for relationship quality by resulting in more dispute.”

The initial 2 tests for emotional recognition and perspective-taking didn’t reveal much difference between ladies who were on or off contraception, however the last test revealed a significant difference.

The scientists had ladies read out brief hypothetical scenarios that would make them respond emotionally.  Then they stated a feeling they would feel in reality if they were in that situation.

The outcomes of the last test revealed females on contraception had more powerful emotional responses to the situation compared with the other groups of females off the contraception. Researchers state the difference is triggered by a greater presence of hormones in females who take contraception.

Not a lot of research has been done to see how contraception impacts how we process feelings, however, the results from studies like this make it clear that more of these studied will need to take place. The way that contraception impacts  feelings and emotional responses is more than just ‘mood swings’.

This research is essential in determining how contraception impacts females, besides preventing them from unintended pregnancies, so Women and Girls can make better choices when selecting their pill and even deciding if they want to take it at all.

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