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Why More Women Should Be Like Miley Cyrus

In a world where Women are being judged more and more by the day, it leaves most of us confused with what’s right and what’s wrong and everyone seems to have a different view.

We’re constantly being fed crap about what looks good and what doesn’t, how we should and should’t act as women and why we’re ‘suppose’ to behave a certain way.
And all for what? To gain respect from men? To be taken seriously in the workplace? To be good Mothers?
Why is it that we take all this stuff so seriously and does being the ‘good girl’ really work in our favor anyway?

Look at the old Miley Cyrus. The confident, all-american sweetheart who graced our Kids channels. Seems like a lifetime away from the thrusting ‘tweerker’ we see today.
For me it was the day she cut off all of her Disney-esque curly locks. That’s when I knew we were about to have another Lindsey Lohan or Amanda Bynes on our hands.
Then came the outfits (or lack off) , the over-sexualised videos and now the most recent publicity stunt…. lighting a spliff on the MTV EMA Awards stage. hmmm what was that about Lohan and Bynes?
Besides the idiotic cannabis incident, which I don’t really agree with, lets look at the facts about why us girls could learn a thing or two from this good girl gone bad icon…

She’s strong minded

She isn’t afraid to do what she wants and in her case wear what she wants, no matter how un-dignified. Now that to me is pretty much the attitude all strong Women should have.

She’s a business women

She does what she has to do to get publicity, make the sales and pay the bills. Isn’t that what most independent Women do but just in their own way?

She takes risks

Just like in business, you have to take risks in order to move forward and grow. Even during her Disney days she was a multi-millionaire-ess but instead of settling as always being a kids TV icon she’s grown into a global artist.She took risks where her image,actions and music are concerned and so far – they’ve paid off!

She stands out

In order to be unforgettable, one must always be different. Too many Women settle for being normal because they feel they have to.

She just doesn’t care

Millions of people could say she’s an idiot but she just keeps on going. That to me is how all strong Women should be.It’s refreshing to see someone who really doesn’t give a….

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying Cyrus should be everyones role model. In fact I think she’s an awful role model for young girls and teenagers. But, for the Women of today, maybe we should look at the success of this not-so-stupid blonde ambitious superstar and see what we could do for ourselves.

Don’t spend your life conforming to what society says is right or wrong. Do what YOU want to do (within reason) and stand up for what YOU want.

And if you want to do it in a pair of thigh high latex boots and a leotard smaller than dental floss… then you go girl!

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