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Life Changes Of A 20-Something Entrepreneur

On the day of my 24th birthday, my mother encouraged me to enjoy every minute of my 20’s and reminded me that these are the best days of my life. So I got thinking on why my 20’s feel so different.
When you get to 24,25,26, what used to be top of your ‘to do’ list changes and you begin to look at the world through more ‘mature’ eyes. Maybe its because the clock is ticking and you realize in a few years you’ll be the ‘dreaded’ 30. And although I know many women in their 30’s who seem to be loving life, this doesn’t stop us 20 somethings from getting age anxiety.
It’s at this age that you compare your life to others around you and decide to prioritize what’s important. What ‘needs’ to be done and what can simply wait.

You re-evaluate your friendships

During college and university days we all tend to be social butterflies over concerned with who is and isn’t our friend in a desperate attempt to be popular. This changes as soon as your out in the world of work. As soon as you get that dream job or internship and your best friend is still stuck in her dead end job,thats when you realize who your real friends are. The ones who don’t resent you.
Your mid 20’s is for seeing people for all that they are. You realize that its more important to have 2 or 3 close friends than a group of acquaintances who only want to bash you.
Caring too much about what people think is not your main concern anymore and you’d rather be engrossed in work that benefits your life instead of people who drag you down. Pick your friends wisely. You become who you surround yourself with.

You question your Career

If you’re lucky enough to be in your dream job and everything is rosie then kudos to you! But for those of you who aren’t, don’t panic – it’s normal. It’s during these years when you start to doubt if your ‘dream job’ is really what you’ve always wanted. And its at this point where you also start to do a hell of a lot of soul searching and procrastinating because you have no idea what you do want to do. This also is normal. All in all your career focus is more important than ever and whereas before you never used to care where your pay check was coming from, now you do.


When it comes to love, there’s 3 types of 20 something Women-
• Those in love and happy with a general balanced work and love
• The single career girl who isn’t interested in love and her career comes first
• And then the lonely singleton ‘who views her 20’s as a ticking time bomb and is constantly on the hunt for a husband whilst all of her friends are settling down like it’s a race!
Whichever one you are, make sure you don’t wish your 20’s away with the wrong person. These are suppose to be your years of ‘fun’ remember

Socializing is no longer high on your agenda

Most of us cant drink as much as we used to and you know how detrimental a hangover can be to your work schedule the following day, or days in some cases. You also start to * how important your money is and what worthwhile things it could be spent on which wont write your next day off! This is a major sign your growing up.

Prioritize the pennies

Being independent and successful are higher up your list than ever before and making sure your paying your bills on time and putting money into your business is more important than buying those heels. Your 20’s are the crucial years to building up good credit – how grown up!

The way you think

You start to become more thoughtful about the world and consider your life’s purpose. You think more about your actions and what they will result in within your immediate world.

So how bad do you still want it?


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