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Kurt Metzger’s Sexist Rape Rant Has Pissed A Lot Of People Off…

Innocent until proven guilty? Not when social media is involved.

On August 13th, New York-based Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Comedian by the name of Aaron Glaser was accused of raping multiple Women. Connections.Mic broke the news in an article that featured Facebook screenshots of Aaron’s ‘victims’ urging other Women to come forward.

In a request to stay anonymous, the Woman who posted the claim within in a private group for female comedians began with, “Posting this on behalf on a woman in the community, who would like to remain anonymous, but wants to warn other women, and let other women who may have raped by this man know that they’re not alone,”. 

Following the post, more Women came forward and without being questioned at all, Aaron Glaser was immediately banned from the UCB. In a post he shared on Facebook, which has since been deleted, Aaron stated…



Another female comedian who asked to stay anonymous also told Revelist that after a night of heavy drinking with the comedian, she too had been assaulted by Glaser.

“I wasn’t able to give consent; I couldn’t speak. it was like my body was too heavy,” she told Revelist. “By the same token, I couldn’t say no. In my snapshots, I am trying to move away but again, my body was too heavy to move. As soon as I was physically able I got the hell out. I couldn’t speak, it was like my body was too heavy.”

Whilst many Women have stood united in their support for rape victims, many of Glasers fellow comedians and friends are standing by him. One friend in particular is Kurt Metzger, a writer for ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and close friend of the actress.

On August 15th, during a sarcastic rant on Facebook, Kurt expressed his opinion on the whole situation…

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 13.24.50


After the 39 year old mocked the fact that many rape victims don’t even go to the police, he continued his tirade the following day with more sexist, misogynistic comments on Twitter.  According to The Huffington Post, Glaser even went as far as trolling Women who were helping reporters and stated that being falsely accused of rape is “WORSE than actual rape”.


Naturally, twitter went into meltdown with a battle of opinion and ‘rights’. Amy Schumer also tweeted a statement addressing Metzgers comments claiming she was ‘saddened’.

Schumer also went on to block many Women on social media who tweeted her asking her questions regarding Metzger.

We’re yet to know the truth about the Aaron Glaser rape allegations.

Here’s a clip of Metzger and Schumer together on ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

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