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Kerrrching! These Women Made Millions Before They Were 30…

Getting rich quick isn’t always easy and this list pulls together some girls who were lucky, some girls who worked their asses off and some girls who just had something fabulous to flaunt. All of them were making millions before they hit 30 and some of them aren’t even there yet.

Ariana Granda

Another child star turned pop princes, this dinky little diva has made quite the impact in the world of showbiz since starting her acting career at the age of 17. After appearing in the Nickelodeon show Victorious Arianna moved into the music world making her worth a cool $26.5m. Nice.

Kerrrching! These Women All Made Millions Before They Were 30...

Miley Cyrus

Being a child star helped to boost Miley’s bank balance but there’s no way you can take away the serious hours she’s put in to boost her millions. Not even close to 30, there’s plenty more time to Miley to hit the billions if she wants to. She is now worth a comfortable $150m.

amfAR Inspiration Los Angeles 2014 - Red Carpet

Fawn and India Rose James

Believed to be amongst the richest under 30s in the whole of the UK, Fawn and India Rose hit the headlines when they inherited a fortune from their grandfather, whose seedy, porn-tastic Soho clubs made him millions. The millions keep racking up for this pair too, as many of the venues are still in operation. Joint estimated net worth $710m.


Kendall Jenner

Not even 21 and Kendall’s personal projects have netted her in excess of $5m and that’s not to mention the family fortune (if you’ve been living under a rock, that’s The Kardashians) Kendall’s total net worth stands at $12m, and by the time she’s hit 30 there’s no knowing what she’ll be worth.

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Celebrate Kendall + Kylie Collection At Nordstrom Private Luncheon

Coleen Rooney

Not just the wife of a premier league footballer, Coleen’s got her own talents with her Littlewoods collection and the occasional TV work but Coleen has to admit it was becoming a Rooney which truly catapulted her wealth. With a husband bringing home over a quarter of a million a week you can’t want for much.



Now Britain’s richest ever female musician, Adele’s serious talent has seen the cash keep flowing. With album sales pushing most of the millions her way, every show she performs at is a sell-out too which doesn’t hurt either. The must awaited third album has contributed plenty to the pot as well. Current net worth $125m.


Emma Watson

Harry Potter actress turned motivational speaker, Emma Watson’s worldwide fame has seen her millions increase. She hasn’t had another acting success which has brought her the glory of the Harry Potter series but seeing as she’s worth over $55m  it probably doesn’t matter. Modelling contracts with Burberry, Chanel and other big brands are sure to keep giving her a boost.


Caroline Wozniacki

The female tennis star who can’t seem to stop winning, Wozniacki’s success streak has seen her net earnings which are immense. They’re hugely topped up by sponsorship deals that include a partnership with Adidas but that’s all part of the game. Net worth of $20m. caroline

Taylor Swift

Making her name as the nice girl of pop, Taylor knows how to ensure she’s got more than security for the future. With a net value in excess of $250m, it’d take a significant fall from grace to see Tay worrying about cash. According to Forbes, Taylor is the highest earning celeb in 2016 after cashing in $170m in 2015 alone.



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