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Just Do It: The One Mantra You Need To Get Shit Done And Be Successful

Stalling is the worst excuse ever and usually it is down to some underlying problem you can’t seem to get over. Whatever you’re focusing on in your life, there’s only mantra you need to get over all those moments where you hold back, Just Do It. You don’t have to become a walking, talking Nike commercial, but the benefits of Just Do It always being at the front of your mind are huge.

The way you approach a task has a huge impact on how successful you are. If you constantly have ‘Just Do It’ at the front of your mind when you approach anything, then you’re primed to succeed. If your head is full of ifs and buts and maybes, then you’re already setting yourself up to fail.

What is your focus? What is the one thing you are working towards more than anything else? Whether you want a promotion, a career move, a relationship that doesn’t fall apart after 6 months, or just to be happier and more content in all aspects of life then starting from a position of doing whatever you have to do to get it, whatever it may be, then you’re setup to succeed. Other benefits of having a proactive ‘Just Do It’ attitude include:

  • Less stress: if you’re proactive and focused on your goals then you’re primed to succeed. And whilst you may not hit every target every time, being naturally upbeat will help you avoid any seriously stressy and anxious situations.
  • Surrounded by happiness: it’s hard not to feel positive around a positive person and whilst some people will be immune to your can-do attitude most will have your back and be on your side, which just boosts it further.
  • Job security: taking your ‘Just Do It’ mantra into work means you’re going to be totally focused and on-task. This, in turn, will be noticed by those around and you’ll be recognised for the asset that you are.
  • Personal empowerment: accepting that it is down to you and your actions to make changes in your life is a big realisation for some people. Once you have adopted an attitude where you just get shit done, your self-confidence will grow too.

There is serious power in those three small words so put them to good use and think of them whenever you’re thinking of slacking off, missing out on something you know you really want, or not getting the best out of yourself.

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