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I’m Sick Of My Friends Trying To Sell Me Stuff On Facebook.

Is anyone else having the same problem constantly on Facebook?

My close friends has recently got involved with Forever Living. We used to be in touch every month or so via email, text or FB (We live opposite ends of the country) but since she has got involved with this company she’s been in touch every single day more or less. She sends chatty messages at first but always drops in the sales spiel of ‘Have you thought about it some more’ ‘They are really good products’ etc.

Another mutual friend told me she has also been emailing her the same thing, again and again and again. Mutual friends and I have both already told her we’re not interested in becoming part of it but we wish her luck and hope it works out.

What has happened to our usually sane and lovely friend? It’s impossible to have a conversation with her without Forever Living being mentioned repeatedly. It’s like she has been taken over by a cult or something the way she keeps going on about it.

I looked into the company and it seems to be a MLM company. Some of the articles I have read make it seem like a very fine line between that and a pyramid scheme. A lot of people also saying they made no or very little money trying to sell inferior products at an inflated price.

She’s not made any money yet but is planning a well off future down to them. Is she kidding herself?  Has anyone here been selling these products and made any money doing it?

Social media is meant to be fun yet all i’m seeing on a daily basis is hardcore selling!

I get that everyone needs to make a living but come on, give it a rest!


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