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Why I’ll Never Give Money To Cancer Charities Again

This article is going to make me sound like a heartless bitch and i’m aware i’ll get some grief. But hear me out.

I will never give to cancer charities again or support fundraising events for cancer ‘cures’ because quite frankly, there is no point.

First of all lets look at some facts.

According to Cancer Research UK, there were 356,860 new cases of cancer in 2014, of which 163,444 died, giving a 50% survival rate with 42% preventative.

According to Macmillan, there are now 2.5million people living with cancer in the UK, rising to 4 million by 2030.

The number of people living with cancer in the UK is increasing by 3.2% every year.

To put that into perspective – In 1996, 263,000 people were diagnosed with cancer and by 2016 this is predicted to grow to a staggering 361,000, which is the equivalent of the entire population of Cardiff being diagnosed each year.

By 2020, almost one in two people (47%) will get cancer at some point in their lives.

Yes, more people are surviving cancer, but more people are still getting it in the first place. The numbers are going up, not down. So is all the money that we keep giving for ‘vital research’ really worth it?

Too Many Charities

The number of registered charities is rising by 5,000 a year in the UK. As you read this, another charity will be created somewhere in the country. The charity commission lists 620 cancer charities alone (as of 2000).

With more and more charities in the country, there is more competition for funds – resulting in aggressive marketing and fundraising techniques which further undermine public confidence.

A report from the True and Fair Foundation found that one in five of the country’s biggest charities spend less than 50 per cent of their total income on charitable activities. One of these charities was Cancer Research UK, although CR insists that 80p of every £1 donated goes into research.

In 2014 the UK spent £370m on cancer research, far more than on any other disease category, and in 2015 Cancer Research UK earned a whopping  £621 Million.

So if there is still no cure for cancer, what exactly are we all paying for?

Nine executives at Cancer Research UK earn more than the Prime Minister, including chief executive Harpal Kumar, who pockets up to £240,000 a year. Kumar, 50, lives in a luxury £1.6m home in north-west London and does not have a mortgage.

I must make a point here of saying that I am aware not all charities are as greedy as the likes of Cancer Research UK. Macmillan focuses a lot on the care of the families as well as financial support. In 2015 they raised £230 Million, of which only £56 Million went into healthcare and the rest into emotional and financial support and raising awareness.

Cancer The Money Maker

An industry that generates higher profit margins than any other and is no stranger to multi-billion pound fines for malpractice. No, i’m not talking about banking, i’m talking about the pharmaceutical industry.

Whilst ‘big-pharma’ is responsible for creating plenty of life saving drugs, especially in emergency cases where patients need urgent medicine, when it comes to the cancer industry, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

With some drugs costing in excess of £70,000 ($100,000) for a full course, and with the cost of manufacturing just a tiny fraction of this, it’s not hard to see why.

In 2013, 100 leading oncologists from around the world wrote an open letter in the journal Blood calling for a reduction in the price of cancer drugs.

Dr Brian Druker, director of the Knight Cancer Institute and one of the signatories, asked:

“If you are making $3bn a year on [cancer drug] Gleevec, could you get by with $2bn? When do you cross the line from essential profits to profiteering?”

With the cancer industry making around $100 Billion a year globally, is there really any surprise that there is still no cure for cancer?

We’re more profitable to them sick than healthy.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Not enough emphasis is being put on prevention and very little funding goes into natural cures  and  food studies. A scientist at Cardiff University who chose to remain anonymous, told me how their recent tests on blueberries showed some very promising signs of reducing cancer cells in the body, but they simply couldn’t get funding to continue the research and had to stop.

Then there’s the alternative news sites and those who support natural health who are often branded as ‘conspiracy theorist, anti-establishment, crazy-hippie-vegans’, myself included. We know the truth and can see the bigger picture here, if that makes us crazy, so be it.

There are plenty of people out there who have legitimately cured their cancer through natural means (there’s 1000’s of testimonials on youtube) but the sites that advocate these methods are labelled as ‘untrustworthy’ by those in mainstream media and western medicine – even though in many cases they have proved to work.

Whether you believe in natural remedies or not, billions of pounds has gone into ‘researching’ and creating different drugs, yet there is still no cure.

When are people going to wake up and see what’s happening here?

Mainstream Media Is Failing Us

As a society, we are completely miss-informed. The mainstream media, most of which exists in the pockets of governments and big corporations, will rarely discuss preventative measures and natural cures because there is simply no money in them.

The mainstream media will never tell you that avoiding certain foods like meat and dairy can significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer in the first place.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) even confirmed in a 2016 study that meat intake is significantly linked to higher chances of cancer. But seeing as the meat industry generates around £6 Billion a year in the UK and people can’t bear the thought of living without steak in their life, those facts were soon forgotten and everyone carried on as normal after a few days.

Tell anyone that they need to cut down on certain ‘luxuries’ and chances are they’ll respond with “ahhh you only live once, you have to enjoy” – even if that means getting cancer.

Year after year we’re encouraged to ‘Stand up to cancer’ and ‘Race for life’, but year after year more and more people are still being diagnosed. People have accepted the fact that 1 in 2 will get cancer without questioning the whole industry. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies want and they are in total control.

Big budgets on advertising and marketing try to pull on our heart strings and emotionally guilt trip us into giving. “What if it was your loved one” is constantly scaremongering us into giving money in the hope we won’t lose a family member to the dreaded C.

This is not an attack on those affected with cancer, it’s an attack on big-pharma and the mainstream media for preventing the truth from being known. You have blood on your hands.

So next time someone asks me to sponsor them, sorry, but no. I refuse to contribute to an industry that is simply scamming the public into believing they’re making a difference whilst profiteering on disease.

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