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How To Use Your Sex To Get Ahead At Work

Women in business stand out. Not only because they’re in the minority but also because they seriously kick ass. You know when you see a woman at the top of an organisation she has fought hard to stand out and stay there. Shattering the glass ceiling is something all women in business should aim for and there’s nothing wrong with using your assets to show off exactly what an asset you are.

Just turning up for work is easy for men, whilst for a Woman it consists of debating how much boob or leg combo to show along with ‘am i wearing too much make up’ and ‘maybe I need more make up?’. With all the expectations the modern business world expects, why shouldn’t we use our sex to get ahead? Flaunting your femininity and using it to gain attention where you may otherwise have been overlooked is not a bad thing.

Obviously you don’t want to look like the office whore as that’s not going to see you moving up the corporate ladder anytime soon, but if you’re clever, sassy and project your confidence into everything you do at work, your colleagues and seniors are going to be impressed. Attractiveness without arrogance is appealing to both male and female bosses; even if it intimidates a few people at first.

The key to nailing this the well -respected way whilst still getting noticed, is to keep it classy. You can be classy and sexy the same time.  Here’s 4 outfits on Rachel Zane from Suits to demonstrate…

1. To a Woman, this may just look like a simple cardigan and a skirt. But to a man it shows off her shape and sex appeal in an innocent and sophisticated way. Technically she’s still covered up but it still shows off her  slim waist and the colour isn’t screaming ‘here I am look at me’.

How To Use Your Sex To Get Ahead At Work

2. As well as having the credentials, dressing like you’ve already got the promotion makes your peers and seniors naturally think you’re right for the job. You’re basically giving them a taste of whats to come so make the effort.

How To Use Your Sex To Get Ahead At Work

3. Don’t be afraid to show some skin whether it’s your legs, arms or negligee. Looking after your body and showing the best bits will emphasize the fact that you’re a balanced, healthy person whilst still driven and dedicated to your job. Basically the perfect candidate.

How To Use Your Sex To Get Ahead At Work

4. Key pieces like the classic crisp white shirt or in this case the synched in pencil skirt work wonders at work. Not only are they classy and timeless but they show off your shape without even having to bare a lot of leg. Pairing tight skirts like this with long sleeve tops get the balance just right.

How To Use Your Sex To Get Ahead At Work


As well as flaunting your femininity, take advantage of all the serious skills Women can master that are just too much for men. Women have the upper hand in business because we can…

Identify and Empathise

It’s a cliché to say women are more empathetic but even the most cut throat female business bosses have got there because they have a natural ability to identify with both sides of an argument. Whether trying to understand your boss, a colleague or a customer, empathy is a huge asset. Rather than arguing the point and pushing it forward aggressively, women can take on board others ideas (even when they’re complete bullshit) reason with them and still come out on top.

Accept their Limitations

No one is saying you have to show your weaknesses but Women know what they know. We also know there is no shame in accepting we don’t know everything and so this allows us to be cautious and make more effective business decisions. Whereas male risk taking can result in big success it can also result in complete failure.

Be Team-Centric

Whilst many men claim to be democratic in their approach to leadership, it’s rarely the truth. Women leaders are more likely to adopt a collaborative and team-led approach to management, allowing many viewpoints to be heard and a genuine democratic process to take place. When more team members get involved in decisions not only are they more invested in the success of a project, it is more likely to succeed.

Flaunting your female assets in a way which shows whose boss could be key to getting your colleagues, clients and bosses to notice you. You know you’ve got more to give so show them.


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