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How to Reinvent Yourself And Start A Completely New Career

There’s some Women who want it all. Women who don’t want to settle for one career or ‘title’ their whole lives and want to wear as many hats as possible. 

More and more Women today are proving that you really can mold yourself into whatever you want. Celeb reinventions can be based on image and lifestyle choices, like Angelina Jolie who moved on from her vamp image to being a leading humanitarian figure. They can also be moving from one mega successful career to another like Victoria Beckham who managed to move from being in one of the most successful girl bands of all time to running her own fashion label and appearing on catwalks around the world.

Martha Stewart is another fascinating example of how much you can change. In her 20s Martha was all set for a career as a stockbroker but then moved into renovations and building a catering business, the kickstarter for her multi-million-dollar lifestyle empire which sees her selling magazines, presenting TV shows and selling many original products. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, you can make a change and reinvent it. But how?

Focus on What You Want

What do you want from your life? Do you want to make your passion into your career? Do you want more time to enjoy yourself and focus on your family instead of always being at the office? You need a clear vision for your future. Steve Jobs had one and that’s how he managed to streamline and reinvent Apple and create the now world-leading lines of product available today. Focus is key to changing your life and becoming the you that you want to be. Take time to think about what you want and right it down. Then work out the small steps and the big goals you need to achieve to get there.

Experiment a Little

Taking inspiration from the late David Bowie, experimentation is key to finding your true self and your happiest self. From flamboyance to stripped back soul, Bowie did it all and each transformation was as successful as the last. Whilst it’s unlikely you want to switch identities quite as often, it is worth pushing boundaries and considering different options on the journey towards the ‘real you’.

How to Reinvent Yourself And Start A Completely New Career

Give up the Dead Wood

Victoria Beckham didn’t see the huge success she’d hoped for with her solo music career and she wasn’t satisfied simply being a footballer’s wife. Instead she moved into fashion and the rest is history. These clever moves on her part show how ditching what isn’t working can be key to your next stage of success and happiness. If you know you’re ready for that change and realise something has to be sacrificed to get there, do it, you’ll be pleased you did.

Talk The Talk and Walk The Walk

If you’re venturing into a whole new industry, you’re going to need to gain respect for your knowledge of it and this will come by demonstrating you know your shit. Just like VB delved into fashion as if she was born to do it, make your passion your craft and show people that you really know your stuff.  Perception is everything somake sure your social accounts reflect the person you are now.

Don’t Worry About Your PastScreen Shot 2016-07-05 at 13.15.32

You’ll always get the odd jealous idiot reminding you of what you ‘used’ to be but take it as a complements. All that proves is that you’ve grown as a person and are willing to live your life doing more than one thing. The more you throw yourself into your passion and eat, sleep and breath it, the less of your past people will remember. Soon they will be saturated with the ‘new you’ and the old you will be gone. Again, back to perception, when it comes to social media, deleting the old posts of the person you used to be is all good and well, but don’t delete them all. It’s good to have something to prove your progress in life.

So what are you waiting for? DO YOU!!!



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