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How To Hint To Your Guy BFF That He’s In The Friend Zone…

Friendships with guys can be awesome , they offer a male perspective to all your female woes and can be refreshing from the usual drama that tends to comes with female friendships.   But when your guy BFF suddenly declares his undying love for you, or starts showing signs that he’s into you, that’s when things can really become a headfuck.

It’s seriously disappointing if you get on really well with a guy, love his company (that’s all you love about him) but he wants more. You may have said no once, twice, a thousand times but clearly he hasn’t taken you seriously. It doesn’t even matter if you’re with someone, this guy just won’t let up but you’re not ready to lose him as a friend.


Some guys just can’t take a no and if your best boy mate simply isn’t getting the hint, you might want to push him in the direction of this video…

Word of advice. Don’t get drunk and have sex, that will make things 100 times worse.

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