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How To Get Over A F***boy

When you get your heart broken by a ‘fuckboy’, it’s normal to lash out and do some crazy shit. DO NOT DO THAT. Here’s how to get over him in a classy-ish way without stooping as low as causing material damage or bodily harm to him. Don’t worry, you WILL get over him.

1. Realise he’s a ‘Fuckboy’ – As simple as this may sound, many Women still view the rat the same way as they did when they first fell for him. Get it in your head that this is not the truth. A F-Boy will always be a F-Boy. Be thankful he’s out of your life now and that you don’t have to waste years of your life with him.

2. Cry – Crying it out is actually very therapeutic. You need to let go of all the negative energy instead of holding it in and always putting on a  brave face. Lock yourself in your home and do not post anything about how you feel online. Do this for a few days until your so fed up of your own miserable existence you decide to get your shit together.

3. Do stuff that makes you happy – This is your chance to do whatever you want because you have a perfectly valid excuse to. If you wanna drink…drink, if you wanna eat awful foods…stuff your face. Spend the night watching cheesy movies that empower you and something to make you laugh and you’ll soon feel ready to take on the world again. (you checkout our films to watch to get ver fuckboys)

4. Change your look – Getting screwed over is the perfect time to make yourself look amazing. Not only will he regret what he did but you’ll look so damn fine you’ll have even better men asking you out.

5. Go out with your girls – This can feel hard at first especially if you’re the type to get emotional when you drink and end up calling him or looking for him on  a night out (If  you’re that girl, wait until you’ve passed this phase). Getting glammed up with your girls and looking like a mega babe will soon restore your confidence and attract fresh meat to take your mind off the F-Boy.

6. Bang a re-bound – The best way to get over him is to get under someone else – someone hotter too. Be straight with whoever it is and tell them you’re only after sex, no strings. This time YOU get to be the ‘player’. 

7. Don’t delete him on social media – This goes against the usual rule and this is because you want him to see how amazing you look, how little he’s affected you and to realise what he’s lost. However, you have to be strong and never look at his social media accounts. Hide his posts from your timeline on Facebook and delete his number to prevent texting in your hour of darkness.

Follow the steps above and you’ll soon be over him in no time…


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