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How To Cope As The Last Singleton

During your 20-30‘s, most of your friends start to get serious about their relationships and married life becomes more and more popular. Being the last single gal out of all your friends doesn’t have to be such a lonely and depressing time. Here’s how you can make the best of it…

1. Find a new gang

This sounds harder than it is and it certainly doesn’t mean going up to random strangers and asking to hang out. Start socializing in new places. Enroll in classes or start a new hobby. There’s so much out there to do and if you find something you really enjoy you’ll naturally make new friends and even find a potential partner.

2. Be Party-Wise

You can take the most common approach and go to a new scene of bars and clubs but don’t go with the intention of finding the man of your dreams across a crowded room when your wearing your beer goggles. Do, however, go out to purely enjoy yourself and if you happen to meet someone, great, but don’t be the desperate girl getting on anyone. And remember, alcohol will only make things better temporarily so don’t go drowning your sorrows every night. No guy wants the party-animal.

3. Be picky

Only say yes to dates if you’re seriously interested – not because you’re desperate and lonely. This will just waste both of your time. But if you’re seriously un-happy and need the company to cheer you up, then go, it won’t hurt and the attention may do you good. If you really want to join dating sites – be careful and do your homework before meeting them. But whatever you do – Do NOT drop your standards for temporary ‘happiness’ with the wrong guy. You will only end up back where you started.

4. Don’t fret, be free!

Getting anxious about being the last on the shelf will only make the time more unbearable and usually longer. Instead, try to enjoy it. Make the most of doing your own thing when you want and having no one to worry about but yourself. You know how people say when you stop looking for something it find you?…That’s actually true! When you’re happy being alone, that’s when the right person will come into your world.

5. Keep yourself busy

Whether it’s throwing yourself into more work, exercising or socializing. The more you do, the happier you’ll feel. Obviously don’t wear yourself out too much because you’ll just feel worse. Not only will keeping busy consume more of your time and keep you busy but it will make you think you don’t even have time for a man. These are usually the typical times you meet someone.

6. Get Yourself A F**K Buddy

Just because your single doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the action. Women have needs too. Find a guy that is on the same page for you and is up for some ‘fun’.  If you can put your emotions aside and not get attached this will keep you from feeling completely rejected by the male species. Who knows, something may even come of it.

7. Stop obsessing over social media

As if it’s not depressing enough hearing about your friends ‘perfect relationships’, seeing their lovey-dovey status updates and photos is the last thing you need. If you’re the type of person relying on Facebook or Twitter to meet someone then make sure your notifications for messages are on and you only have to use them when you know someone has contacted you. Avoid the newsfeed and timeline at all cost – it will only depress you.

8. Work on you

The most important point of all. Use this time to get in the best mental and physical state of your life. Exercising, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep in a bed where you have the luxury of star-fishing, will make you feel so much better from within. And if you feel it on the inside, you’ll show it on the outside, which probably means you won’t be on that shelf for long!

And if you do have a bad day – Get into your PJ’s, pour yourself a vino and get out the Sex and The City box-set. Everything will be OK.

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