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How To Avoid Washing Your Hair And Save Hours Of Maintenance

The average Woman washes her hair 3 times a week. And unless you have naturally beachy waved hair that you can let dry naturally like Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, chances are you spend around an 4 hours shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling your hair every week.

Gisels claims she only ever styles her hair when she has to for a modelling job and doesn't even own a hair brush.

Gisele claims she only ever styles her hair when she has to for a modelling job and doesn’t even own a hair brush.

So what if there was a way you could save time and effort and live a more low- maintenance life without looking like shit?

In Elite Daily this week, there was a blog by Deidre DeFelice  who claimed she had not washed her own hair in over 4 years. Whilst that seems gross, relax, her hair has been washed, just not by her.

Deidre is a hair stylist by day and obviously knows a thing or two when it comes to hair. When she felt she was spending too much of her life dedicated to maintaining her locks, she decided to take action. Some may say, drastic action.

No, she didn’t do a Britney. 

Deidre now opts to washing her hair just once a week, and when it does get washed, it’s done by a stylist who gives her a professional blowout.  The blowout lasts a few days but by the the time the end of the week comes, her hair is more than ready to be washed again. Deidre  has to manage her whole week around her hair to make sure that certain activities won’t affect it and plan events on days when her hair will be at it’s best.

To achieve this, she follows some strict rules…

“Monday is typically my hair washing day, so you won’t see me in a smoky bar unless it’s a Sunday night. I won’t be caught dead near a bonfire, and when I workout (which happens to be about four times per week) my hair is typically in a loose bun on the top of my head.

I won’t do extensive cardio until the last few days of my blowout. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I lift weights or go to a barre class, so I can avoid as much sweat as possible when I have a fresh blowout. Once I start adding in the cardio, that’s when dry shampoo joins the party as well.”

Deidre also claims that even if her hair gets wet on vacation she won’t bother drying it and lets it air dry naturally. She also says that she doesn’t own any shampoo or conditioner but does invest in a great shower cap, dry shampoo and expensive hair oil.

As well as having more time to do other things, washing your hair less is actually better for your hairs’ overall health. For years we’ve been socially ‘conditioned’ (pun intended) into thinking that our hair needs to be washed multiple times a week and when you look at the size of hair care market and it’s 80 Billion dollar valuation, it’s pretty clear where that information comes from.

According to Business Insider

Washing too often, in fact, can do more harm than good, dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Center’s hair clinic Lynne Goldberg told Business Insider.

“It’s paradoxical, but people who wash their hair a lot to get rid of oil are drying out their scalp and producing more oil,” Goldberg said.

And that’s not to mention the affect that constant hair drying and heat stylist has on the condition of your hair.

If you’re considering ditching your hair routine, be prepared for some comments off friends , family and partners. Most people are likely to presume you’re dirty and don’t wash at all. Maybe it’s best to just not tell them. Opting not to wash your hair doesn’t mean you have to look like a mess and Deidre’s approach of getting a professional blowout once a week is a great way to look good without the effort. 

But what about the cost, right?

If you’re serious about giving it a go, try going without a few things that you don’t really need.  Get one less mani pedi or have a few less Starbucks a week or even ditch cable tv.  This way you can give it a go without feeling guilty over the cost.

Deidre finishes her post with…

“I’m not ashamed to admit that I never plan on washing my own hair again. I’ll take the extra six hours a week and healthy hair. Thank you very much.”

To read the full blog post, go here.

Ready to ditch your make up too?

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