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Here’s Why People Should Keep Their Love Life Off Social Media

Pics or it didn’t happen. Except do you really want the whole of the world to know you’ve just had an amazing night with your boyfriend? Yeah you love him, yeah you love what he does to you but does the whole of Facebook need to know? I’d say no because seriously, how many people do you want to piss off at one time?

There’s nothing wrong with being loved-up and happy and really feeling like you’ve got something special going on. But spreading it around social media takes off some of the shine surely? I’ve got four reasons why you don’t want your love life all over social media but first, a word about Couples’ Pages.

Who Told You to Get a Couple’s Facebook Page?

Everyone know someone who has buddied up with their boyfriend or husband and got one of those sickening couple’s Facebook pages. It’s hard to see why you’d need one unless you’re a complete control freak or enjoy making everyone who visits your profile feel a little bit sick. Facebook profiles are designed for individuals so trying to stuff together ‘TerriandDan Carter’ looks pretty rubbish and it definitely puts people off too.

If you’ve decided to combine accounts with your partner have a proper think about why, are you that jealous? Do you think it makes your relationship more ‘real’? Clearly you don’t trust each other. Seriously, don’t do it!

Here’s 4 Reasons to Avoid Spreading your Love Life across Social Media

1.False Reality

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, then social media is probably something that just happens around you. It’s unlikely you rush to stick up a post every time your partner says something funny or sweet. With newer relationships it can be trickier. People agonise over when to admit they’re ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook and others really wish their dates didn’t tag them and stick up pictures of their food when they’re out for a casual meal. You run the risk of kidding yourself that a casual bit of fun is something more serious once you start sharing it before boundaries are set. You’ll be feeling pretty embarrassed when it tails off. Even more so if you’ve been posting about him all the time and showing off.

2. You Look Like A Possessive Girlfriend

If you’re incapable of posting anything without your bf tagged in it, all that says it that you’re a leechy girlfriend. Constantly including him in everything if your way of making sure that a) you are pretty enough to get a boyfriend and b)  your boyfriend is YOUR boyfriend and all the girls on Facebook should know that and stay away. This shows how insecure you probably are.

3.Too Much Info

Some girls need a TMI filter to stop them putting stuff online. For some, there is nothing private and this can ruin the intimacy of a relationship or kill it off before it’s had a chance to properly grow. Advertising the stages of your relationship online is not a healthy way to track how well it’s going. Most people posting all the time talk as if the sun shines out of their new partner ass and when it all goes sour, they look pretty stupid. It’s all about self-validation and making yourself feel good. You’ll feel so much worse if things don’t go as you’d hoped and you’ve been telling the world you’ve found your soulmate.

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4. Inviting Questions

If you’re always posting about your love life, then you’re asking people to talk about it. Anyone you have on Facebook or Twitter can ask you personal questions if you’re putting it out there. You may not like that idea but you started it. It’s even weirder when you meet someone in real life and they ask you about something you posted online about your partner. If you don’t want people to talk about your love life, then don’t post about it.

5. Social Media Obsession

If you’re always putting your personal life on social media, then you’re clearly a bit obsessed with it. A social media obsession can be dangerous and it makes you pretty boring to be around. Letting it take over your life means you start to care too much about why X hasn’t commented or why Y doesn’t like your photo and that’s never a good thing. Social media can kill your real life relationships too and what use is your soul mate if you’re too busy writing about him to talk to him?

Social media is a dangerous place for relationships. One in seven married people have thought about divorce because of what their partners do on social media and over half have secretly snooped on their partner’s Facebook profile and this simply isn’t healthy. Log off, sign out and actually spend some time with the person you’re so crazy about.

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