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Here’s Why A Colonic Could Be The Answer To Your Health Issues…

Colonic hydrotherapy is about more than getting your insides cleaned, it can truly change your life! I mean, it makes sense right? Why wouldn’t you look after your insides the same way as you look after your outer image?

The thought of getting a pipe inserted into your butt isn’t always the most comfortable way to tackle your health, and whilst there’s not a lot of scientific evidence to prove it works for everyone, many people opting to try holistic and alternative methods of health rave about it.

The average colon can hold as much as 25lbs of waste, it’s pretty gross to think about it but it’s true and if your body is not able to effectively handle and eliminate that waste, you could end up with a truly toxic build up within your body.

Nasty build up in the colon can result in a huge range of different health problems and most people don’t even consider it as the culprit to their health issues. If you’re not sure you need one, ask yourself if you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Aches and Pains – Headaches, back pain, sciatic pain etc…
  • Feeling fatigue
  • You smell – bad breathe, body odor, abdominal gas.
  • Constipation
  • Acne or skin issues

If you have any of the above symptoms, we’d definitely recommend getting a colonic. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, nothing bad can come from making sure your insides are cleaned every once in a while to maintain your health.

Benefits of getting colon hydrotherapy…


1.   Bunged Up

If constipation has become everyday life, then a colonic could change everything. If things are a little backed up in there then it’s often due to do lack of fibre and hydration and colonic hydrotherapy delivers much needed relief from the dehydrated state and stimulates muscle action so a proper clear out can take place.

2.   Bloated Belly

A distended and bloated belly can be due to many things but if diet changes, more water and other standard techniques for shifting the bloat haven’t worked, then a colonic should be up next. Bloat is both embarrassing and uncomfortable and colonics can help bring it down very quickly. Excess gas trapped in the colon is released and the belly can flatten back to its best.

3.   Problem Skin

Sometimes acne doesn’t disappear with puberty and many people put it down to purely their age or hormones but this isn’t always the case. It may seem like there’s no link but a toxic colon can be a major trigger for acne and other skin problems. An over-clogged colon can spread its toxicity around the body and one of the first places it shows this is through the skin. If nothing else has worked to clear up your complexion, a colonic could be the answer.

4.   Fatigue

Almost everybody’s tired, but if you feel like you’ve got nothing left in the tank and there’s no obvious explanation for it, even though you’re getting early nights, then consider flushing out that colon. The toxic build-up down there spreads through the rest of your system and it can cause energy loss and fatigue. Your immune system is weakened due to this and your body simply can’t keep up, even if you’re stuffing your face with every energy booster and anti-oxidant in sight.

If you think a colonic could be the answer to your health issues, checkout more advice online and speak to your doctor or an alternative health therapist.

Note: Other terms which refer to the same procedure are known as ‘a colonic’, ‘colonic irrigation’, ‘colon hydrotherapy’, ‘ an enema’, ‘ colon cleansing’.


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