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Here’s How You Should Really Be Sexting Him…

Sexting is a normal desire when you’re into someone and it’s the best way to gauge if there’s any potential there before you waste your time dating him. (However, if he’s paying free food is always appreciated)

Sexting allows you to find out more about the guy you like and suss out what he’s into and whether you’re into it too. If you don’t get excited sexting him, chances are you’re just not into him as much as you thought.

Checkout the video below for all the ways to be amazing at sexting, but first, here’s our key 3 things to note….

  1. Don’t be too full on or explicit –  Avoid giving him every detail of what you’re wearing/doing and leave something for his imagination. That way he’ll lust for you more and want to see you.
  2. If he asks for a photo (which is highly likely) don’t send anything with your face in. Just because you like him doesn’t mean you can trust him. Just imagine your parents logging into Facebook and seeing your best bits in all their glory.
  3. Only sext people you WANT to sext. It’s easy to feel pressured if you like the guy but if you don’t feel comfortable just tell him. If he goes quiet and stops texting you completely then he clearly only wanted one thing.

Now watch this video for the full list…


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