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Hangry? Eat These Snacks To Satisfy You Until Mealtime

When ‘hanger’ strikes (being hungry and angry at the same time) you don’t want anyone to be around you and to be honest, no one wants to be near you anyway. There’s nothing worse than the hormonal ups and downs that come with cravings, drops in blood sugar and just pure hunger.

In order to avoid feeling ‘hangry’ in the first place, make sure you’re eating enough at meal times. Making sure you eat a balanced portion of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats and breakfast, lunch and dinner will ensure you feel good throughout the day and prevent mood swings.

If it’s too late for that and you’re already at the hangry stage, here’s some snacks to tie you over until your next meal…

Oatmeal Cookies

Instead of reaching for the digestives and Oreos, try a biscuit which is designed to keep you feeling full and is much more satisfying. Oatmeal cookies release slow burning carbs throughout the day and are also packed with soluble fibre. If you’re concerned about the sugar in shop bought cookies, there’s tonnes of simple recipes you can follow at home to make a huge batch for emergency hanger outbreaks.

Nuts and Chocolate

No, not a Snickers. This combo of dried fruit (raisins or cranberries), nuts and a small amount of high quality dark chocolate hits that sweet tooth hard. It has the added bonus of coming without the huge sugar high which will only lead to a crash later in the day. When hunting down chocolate or something sweet, always opt for raw chocolate or cacao and natural sugars in dries fruits.

Avocado Smoothie

We admit it doesn’t sound too great but when you blend it with milk, spinach, dates and natural cocoa powder (or raw cacao) you get a smooth and flavourful snack which really will keep hanger off the menu. The natural sweetness from the dates and the cocoa will mean you can barely taste the spinach and avocado yet you’ll still benefit from the nutritional value. This smoothie is perfect for breakfast but if you’re having it as a snack, make sure you don’t have too much and end up substituting  a balance meal for it.


Popcorn has a bad rep because most people eat the naughty processed popcorn at the movies. However, It can actually be healthy!  Easy and satisfying, popcorn is high in fibre and the popping process expands its size which also adds to filling you up in super quick time. Opt for air-popped corn wherever possible or buy the kernels to pop yourself and season with with your favourite spices or sweeteners. Again, opt for natural sugars like coconut sugar or stevia.

Bananas (we saved the best until last)

Keeping it simple, bananas are the ultimate snack which ensure you’re never reaching in desperate need of cake. Bananas are rich in soluble fibre which  keeps you feeling full as well as satisfied. Their calorie count puts some people off but when you compare them to the standard snacks you crave when hanger strikes, they’re clearly a better option.

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