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EU Demand Social Media To Censor Fake News

Today is not a good day for alternative media companies. 

The European Union is demanding that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook censor “illegal hate speech” within 24 hours. Content that includes so-called “fake news,” a term so broad that it includes perfectly legitimate news content.

So if sites like Wikileaks, rawper and InfoWars are seen posting content that governments and corporations don’t want the public from knowing, it’ll simply get deleted from social networks, regardless of it being the truth.

How is this fair? What happened to freedom of speech? 

If you really want to ban ‘fake news’, you need to start with the mainstream media. They are the true villains here, spreading propaganda and content to influence markets and reputations.

By censoring content, you are simply censoring the truth, allowing mainstream jargon to remain as the main source of information brainwashing the general public in order to keep all of the dark dirty secrets of the world hidden.

This is the governments way of attempting to control and discredit independent media companies that are simply documenting FACTS.

Try and silence us all you want. We will come back louder every. single. time .

Watch this InfoWars video from The Alex Jones Channel…

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