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Dominating The Top: The Female CEO’s Doing ‘A Man’s Job’

More and more Women are making huge waves in Technology,Banking and Finance – industries which were once purely saturated with men and without a stiletto in sight. Until now…

But that was way back when. Now however, there’s an elite group of powerhouse Women dominating the main CEO and COO roles of top global companies. Here’s a few we can all be jealous of…… we mean aspire to.

Safra Catz – CO-CEO at Oracle

Proving the long game works, Safra started at Oracle as an executive 1999, then became a board  member in 2001, co-president and CFO in 2011, until, finally, she was made CO-CEO on September 18th 2014.Often cited as the highest-paid female executive, with a reported remuneration of $51.7 million in 2011, Catz’s dealmaking skills have led to acquisitions in the billions. She’s also listed as #24 on Forbes Power Women list. Responsible for all manufacturing, finance, and legal decision – nothing too serious then.

Oracle OpenWorld Conference

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