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Daily Rituals Of Badass Babes

Being ‘badass’ isn’t just a thing that comes naturally. These Women really work hard to earn the respect of that title. However, you too can achieve great things in your life if you commit to changing your daily habits.  Here’s the daily rituals of successful, badass babes….

1. Get up before the rest of the world

Literally speaking this is impossible as the whole world is on different time zones, but women that wake up super early, say between and 5 and 6 am are more successful than those who don’t. Getting up early gives you an advantage over your colleagues, competitors, friends, and the perfect time for you to get shit done for yourself. Either mediate, hit the gym, read, make a healthy breakfast –  whatever makes you feel like your day is off to a great start. Plus the added bonus of seeing the sunrise.

2. Sweat

Working out daily will not only make you feel amazing but you’ll look smoking hot too. Training first thing in the morning is the optimum time for efficient fat burning.

3. Manage time better

Women who  keep a diary and plan their schedules are the ones who get the most shit done. It’s the old cheesy rule of  “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Set a purpose for your day and week and break it down into realistic targets and goals. Let no shit get in your way.

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