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Curb The Cravings: How To Stop Stuffing Your Face

Some weekends end and you feel like you need to check into the nearest clinic for immediate liposuction. A few nights out indulging in cocktails, as well as that bag of Doritos with your Netflix sesh on Sunday eve can leave you feeling pretty crappy. Stuffing your face never makes you feel good and it’ll soon result in you looking as bad as you feel.

Food is a coping mechanism for lots of people and for others it’s their worst habit. Overeating or always reaching for that next snack can be seriously damaging. Not only will you be heading towards obesity, you’ll do damage to your heart and if your cravings are linked to emotions, you’re going to need some serious help with your mental health.

Six Steps to Stop the Stuffing…

1.    Manage your Stress Levels

Easier said than done but if you’re always reaching for the fridge when you’re stressed, get it in check. Take time to identity and understand your stressors and how to avoid them or tackle them head on. Consider swapping in healthy ways to combat stress such as exercise or meditation.

2.    Track your Food and Mood

Actually putting down on paper or in an app what you’re eating as well as your general mood at that time can lay out reality for you. You may not even realise how much shit you’re eating until it’s written down and it could be the wakeup call you need.

3.    Hunger or Emotion?

Every time you reach for a snack or another treat stop and ask yourself, are you feeding actual hunger or are you feeding your emotions? Even the process of asking yourself may put you off and if you realise you are always eating because of particular emotions you can look for better ways to deal with them.

4.    Don’t Buy It

Yes, you can binge on practically anything but it’s the junk we naturally reach for is the worst. Not saying you can never have something you enjoy but filling the cupboards with comfort food is like giving yourself a free pass to indulge whenever you feel like it. Keep healthier foods in the house and then if you feel you need a snack, there is only good stuff to reach for.

5.    Change your Thought Patterns

Talking yourself down is the worst thing you can do. Describing yourself negatively or thinking of yourself as greedy or as a pig, then you will struggle to make any changes. Tell yourself you are going to make a change and stick with it, rather than moaning to yourself (or others) about how you’re an emotional eater, tell yourself you’re going to eat better, manage your stress and stick to it.

6.    Eat Healthily

Sometimes the things that seem most obvious are the ones you avoid the most. Eat better. If you eat more healthily then you are going to crave shit food less as you will already be filled up with goodness. You’ll still crave between meals, everyone does, but you can opt for healthier snacks and satisfy your appetite without stuffing yourself.

There’s no pride in stuffing your face whenever you get the chance but you also need to be kind to yourself. Work out why food is always the first thing you go for and swap out that seriously nasty junk for better alternatives.

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