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Bridget Jones Star Renee Zellweger Speaks Out About Women Who Are Single And Childless…

With her fictional character Bridget Jones gearing up for motherhood in the upcoming third installment , Bridget Jones’ Baby, Renee Zellwegers’ personal views on marriage and babies are very different to that of her characters.

Following her personal blog written for The Huffington Post a few weeks ago where the actress expressed her concern towards the pressure Women and celebrities face to look good and deal with body shaming, Renee has now aired her views on Women who are single and childless.

Renee as Bridget Jones in the highly anticipated, upcoming Bridget Jones' Baby Movie

Renee as Bridget Jones in the highly anticipated, upcoming Bridget Jones’ Baby Movie

During a radio interview with 2Day FM’s Rove and Sam on Tuesday, Renee spoke about societal pressures that women often face in the real world when they are single and childless, saying that some social expectations are far too unrealistic.

Much like her middle-aged character in the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster, Bridget Jones’s Baby, Renee, 47, acknowledged that women are sometimes made to feel incomplete if they haven’t found love or are childless at a certain age.

“Maybe there’s old-school societal pressures that cause women to feel they’re being judged if they don’t sort of accomplish everything now that the glass ceiling has been smashed.”

“You’re supposed to do it all and that’s not necessarily true that that’s possible. You have to make choices and make that a priority.”

In the new Bridget Jones’ Baby Movie, fans will witness the constantly unlucky in love Bridget navigate her way through an unexpected pregnancy and try to determine who the father is.  However in real life, the once-married Renee has no immediate plans to start a family.


Renee with boyfriend of 4 years Doyle Bramhall

The American actress is still going strong with her boyfriend of four-years, Doyle Bramhall, 47, and while marriage and kids are not on their radar, they’re enjoying the blossoming romance.

“There is a familiarity between us, that sense you have when you’re with someone and you know you are home,” the actress told Vogue UK.

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