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What It Really Means If Your Boyfriend Never Mentions You On Social Media…

If your BF doesn’t post anything about you on social media, should he even be your boyfriend?

We’ve become a world of over-exposers and we know practically every detail of everyones life through the feeds of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Most Women love documenting their relationship on social media. Whether it’s an image from the ‘perfect date night with my babe’ or tagging your boyfriend in a status, most Women are open about who they’re with and proud of their man.

Whilst most of us do it purely because we just happen to be with them all of the time, some do it specifically to make other girls aware of who her boyfriend is (a passive way of telling them to stay away from her man) and some do it to let other guys know that they’re taken so they should stop creeping.

If you’re the type of girl that likes to keep your relationships private then keeping things off social media is a great idea as it’s nice to keep personal things personal. If  you and your boyfriend are in a strong relationship and both on the same page when it comes to social media, and neither of you really post anything about each other but are still rock solid, then that’s great!

But what if you happen to be open about your relationship online and he isn’t?

If he’s genuinely a private person then ok, cut him some slack. But if he’s posting about every other area of his life and just not including any trace of you, it could mean 2 things.

1. He’s trying to keep you private because, if god forbid something happened between you , he’d look like a dick and wants to prevent that from happening.


2. He doesn’t want other people to know he’s in a relationship with you. (ouch)

If you love your BF, chances are you’ll choose to believe it’s the first excuse, but don’t be so naive. Only you know the full details of your relationship and what it’s like day to day. Whilst this shouldn’t define your whole relationship, it’s not just something silly to ignore either. Social media can be very superficial and whilst most of it is one big joke, our social accounts are also part of our identity whether we like it or not.

There are obviously many factors in determining if any relationship is worth it. How well does he treat you day to day? Does he make you feel special or do you feel like he’s not entirely 100% in the relationship?

Only you know your man, but if his #WCW is everyone but you, don’t be a mug.

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