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Bella Thorne Coming Out As Bisexual On Snapchat Is Pretty Inspiring For Young Girls…

Bella Thorne’s rollercoaster love life has pretty much been completely in the spotlight this year, and the 18-year-old actress has had a lot on her plate.

Last year, Bella and her then 24-year-old boyfriend Gregg Sulkin were everyone’s ultimate #RelationshipGoals. But since then, Thorne has grown as a person and her love life has evolved immensely resulting in the couple calling time on their 15-month relationship.

A few weeks ago, the young Hollywood couple mutually ended their relationship on good terms and both Gregg and Bella issued a joint statement to E! News about the split, saying,

“Our schedules made seeing each other difficult, and we decided that, for now, this would be best”.

This left fans with one question and one question only — who gets the kittens?! Bella tweeted “I get the babies”

After the split, Bella’s love life evolved when the actress took to Snapchat to reveal that she is, in fact, bisexual. Thorne’s initial Snapchat post was of two polaroid pictures that showed her kissing an unidentified woman.

Bella Thorne's Snapchat post revealing that she is bisexual.Bella Thorne's Snapchat post revealing that she is bisexual.


According to Daily Mail, Bella posted the revealing photo on Snapchat on Monday night before confirming on Tuesday that she now identifies as bisexual after fans began questioning her sexual orientation.

Bella Thorne responded to the tremendous amount of support and acceptance she received from fans following the news.

Bella Thorne thanking fans for their support.

It takes a lot for anyone to open up about their sexual orientation and  when you’re only 18 and living your life in the spotlight, that takes even more guts! Congratulations Bella on starting a new chapter in your life and inspiring all young girls to be confident about their sexuality and feel empowered.

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