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“I Believe My Husband” – Melania Trump Sets The Record Straight…

Setting the record straight and defending her hubby. 

On Monday, Melania Trump sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper for a frank discussion about the US election so far. After a week of scandalous accusations made against her husband Donald Trump, it came as no surprise to see Melania was 100% behind her man.

Melania was quick to state that the press had been very dishonest and written a lot of lies about the couple and accusing Melania of things she has not done leading her to go through the courts and fight lawsuits to defend her reputation.

“I will not allow that, I will fight to the end”.

When asked her opinion on the Access Hollywood video where Trump made derogatory comments towards Women, Melania made it clear that she has told her husband that the language was ‘inappropriate and not acceptable’ but has since accepted his apology. The former model also said she was shocked as that is not the man she knows and insisted that the host, Billy Bush was egging him on.

“I was surprised because I don’t know that person who would talk that way.”

Mrs Trump was under no illusion that the stories and allegations that had been made were all released purely to effect the Trump campaign and influence the American people to vote against her Husband.

“Many people from the opposite side want to damage the campaign. Why now? Why after so many years and 3 weeks before the election? It was the media. Left wing media. Everything was organised.”


When asked if she believed whether or not her husband was guilty for the alleged sexual harassment, Melania responded:

“I believe my husband. This was all organised from the opposition”

The former model continues by questioning why there were no background checks done on the accusing Women and stating there were no facts or evidence and the cases should have been dealt with in a court of law and not bought to light all these years later.

Cooper asked Melania if she had expected the campaign to be this hard and if it was as she thought it would be:

“I didn’t expect the media would be so dishonest and mean. I never had one correct story, one honest story.”

The former model then went on to discuss her shock of being attacked for her photos from her modelling career before she married Trump.

“I’m very proud  I did those pictures. I’m not ashamed of my body. I feel very comfortable with myself and my body. It was done as an art, as a celebration of the female body”.

Discussing the effects the campaign has on their 10 year old son Barron, Melania made it clear that she chose to stay off the campaign trail in order to be the parent for their son and teach him right from wrong. She also emphasised her strong relationship with Trump.

“We always have a great relationship and strong marriage. He says many times that i’m the rock for our whole family. We are very strong.”

When asked if she thinks the election is rigged, Melania states that the media take one sentence from a 45 minute speech and use it over and over again to sway peoples opinions away from voting for her husband.

“He’s very passionate about American people. He’s a worker, he’s a fighter. He is very passionate about it and he will not give up. He will fight till the end and will fight for American people just as he is now fighting for himself.”

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