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SEX: Aphrodisiac Foods that Make Bedtime, The BEST Time

Asparagus makes your pee smell funny, but it can also guarantee every second spent with your other half in the bedroom is out of this world. Asparagus is one of many foods which claim to be aphrodisiacs and reckon they can boost your sexual performance and libido. But they’re not alone, check out these four sexy foods for your next date night:

On Fire

Capsaicin, a chemical found in the hottest of fiery chilli peppers, stimulates nerve endings and increases circulation, so your blood’s pumping and your body’s just begging to be turned on.

Have a Banana

Forget the phallic shape, bananas are actually a fantastic choice for keeping you tight. Packed with potassium which is essential for muscle strength, bananas can help push your orgasms from so-so to super-intense.

Asparagus and Sex: Aphrodisiac Foods To Make Bedtime The BEST Time
Feed him Oysters

A classic aphrodisiac and the first one people think of, oysters are full of testosterone-boosting zinc, and with boosted testosterone your man will go for hours.

Ah-ah-ahhh Asparagus

It’s the Vitamin E in Asparagus that stimulates your sex hormones and gets you ready for stimulation of a different kind. Both male and female sex hormones are boosted by asparagus so it’s the perfect starter for a sexy night-in.

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