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Are You Bikini Ready? These Are The Best 5 Tips To Tone Up Fast

Whether you have plans to be in your bikini, rock a crop top or just want to be happy with every bit of your body, getting your abs in shape is a good place to start. Getting a tight tones waistline doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to be consistent with your diet and exercise routine – which I guess is hard for most of us.  But with the the right food, the right attitude and working out hard, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to the belly bulge.

If operation ab fab is something you’re serious about, follow these tips to see serious results within just a few weeks:

1. All Body Focus

100 crunches a day before you jet off for your summer hols is not gonna get you those rock hard abs you’ve been dreaming about. And even it shows some definition, as soon as you’ve hit the booze, the bloat will soon be back. If you’re working on your pot belly or your love handles it’s the fat you want to be targeting, not trying to force definition through muscle-based workouts.

Circuit training, high intensity interval workouts (known as HIIT) and gym sessions where every inch of you is drenched in sweat and pushed to fatigue are the best for fat burning and shifting those stubborn folds around your middle. For fab abs your whole body needs to be stronger and you need to be seriously kicking those calories into touch with hardcore workouts as regularly as you can manage.

Try interval training at the gym, or HIIT workouts at home (there’s plenty on YouTube) Or get outside and be active. The best thing about HIIT training is that you don’t need to do hours and hours of it. HIIT is great first thing in the morning as thats when you burn the most fat. Just spent 20 minutes in your morning routine to smash it and you’ll see the fat shed.

2. Strengthen that Core

Your whole body has got to be strong but your core is where it all begins. Get your plank on and give your core abdominal muscles a serious challenge. The plank is the perfect core exercise and it will strengthen not only those abs but your chest and back muscles too. The plank looks easier than it is and as this video shows it’s all about strength and control:

3. Lift Weights

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There’s a massive misconception that lifting weights makes you bulky. (That’s BS and you read more about why here.) Lifting weights will help makes you strong as well as burn the fat surrounding your muscles. If you’re strong, it means you can workout harder and more efficiently every time you train meaning you’ll see results even sooner. Weights are also great for giving your body a toned tight look as just doing cardio alone may burn some fat and increase your fitness levels but can also just make you look thin without any shape.

If going to the gym and challenging the weights area is too daunting for you, we recommend getting a kettle bell  and do these simple toning exercises at home –

4. Embrace Wholefoods

As well as working out every inch of your bod you also need to feed it properly. There is no point sweating your ass off if you’re just going to eat a pizza right after. Kick processed food out of your diet and opt for unprocessed, natural wholefoods as often as possible. Nutrient-packed foods like almonds, green vegetables, eggs, lean meats and whole grains are an absolute must. Fibre-rich foods are also a great choice for beating any bloating and built up gas.

Say no to white bread, pasta and fizzy drinks (even diet ones).

5. Say NO to Salt and YES to Water

It may sound like a bit of an excuse when someone says it’s bloating when they’re looking a little out of shape but bloat is no lie. You may be carrying extra water weight around your waist and this is often due to excess sodium in your diet. Sodium mainly enters the body through salt to cut your salt intake and up your water. It sounds a bit backwards but by drinking more water you can flush out any excess and feel leaner much more quickly. The more water you drink, the more you’re body will let go of the water it is storing, waving bye to the bloat.

Bonus Tip!

Keeping the right mental attitude is key in order to achieve the body you want and one of the best ways to do this is by finding an image of the exact body you want. Stick the image somewhere you look everyday, like on your bathroom mirror, by the side of your bed, or on the fridge. Seeing the image everyday will remind you of your goal and help keep you on track.

Toning up really isn’t as hard as it seems, but you have to be dedicated, consistent and positive about the changes you’re making. Don’t beat yourself up if you have an off day, just make healthy changes to your lifestyle and make good choices as much as you can. Love your body now, not just when you’ve lost the weight.

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